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Chavez's Legacy: Searing New Book Debunks "Chavez Myth"; Exposing Venezuela's Transformation from Democracy to Mafia State

In his meticulously-researched new book, Ari Chaplin reveals Hugo Chavez for who he really was – a corrupt autocrat whose master policies encouraged billions of dollars of revenue from drug cartels, organized crime and strong terrorism links with Iran and Palestinian Jihad. ‘Chavez’s Legacy: The Transformation from Democracy to a Mafia State’ refutes the claim that Chavez’s regime corrected the errors of Soviet Communism, and demonstrates that economic development and reduction of poverty can only occur by employing free market policies. Chavez regime has never been put under the spotlight like this before…


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/03/2014 -- The late Hugo Chavez presented a somewhat admirable image to the world; a man who worked tirelessly to correct the errors of Soviet Communism, embrace all that is great about Socialism and lead a devoted nation with his best foot forward. Having spent thousands of hours researching Chavez’s rule, scholar Ari Chaplin has come to a very different conclusion – Chavez was a corrupt autocrat who drove his nation into a playing field for corruption, crime, dirty money and even narcotic terrorism. In short, Chavez’s projected image was nothing but a myth.

Chaplin exposes all in ‘Chávez's Legacy: The Transformation from Democracy to a Mafia State’. The book proves how, after achieving a position of absolute power, ‘leaders’ like Chavez can run rampant corruption with little risk of consequence.


‘Chavez’s Legacy: The Transformation from Democracy to a Mafia State’ refutes the claim that Chavez’s regime corrected the errors of Soviet Communism. This book traces Venezuela’s communist transformation and its effects on the neighboring nations of Bolivia, Ecuador, and Nicaragua. This book also examines Chavez’s behavior in the international arena, strongly emphasizing his close association with Iran and narcotics terrorism.

“Above all, my book reveals how Chavez’s false ideological motives led to the creation of a mafia state, with corruption at all levels of Government and a ‘bedding’ with the country’s criminal system,” explains Chaplin, a popular lecturer in the New York Metropolitan area. “Chavez claimed to be a huge champion of Socialism and many scholars believed he could prove that, if applied correctly, Marxism would remedy the Soviet Union’s mistakes.”

Continuing, “Instead, Chavez gradually transformed the country's democratic institutions into an authoritarian/totalitarian political system. After almost bankrupting the nation through the mismanagement of funds, he was forced to find new revenue sources. Chavez found billions by enabling drug cartels and organized crime, with funds rarely being distributed back to ‘the people’. The transformation to a Mafia State became an important part of the country’s evolution and the high levels of crime should be a major concern for the United States.”

Perhaps most shocking is Chaplin’s revelations of Venezuela’s ties with terrorism.

“Chavez’s master policies made (and they continue to do so under Nicolás Maduro) the country a center of international terrorism. Strong ties were established with Iran, Hezbollah, Hamas and Palestinian Jihad and others. These policies should never be imitated by others. In fact, people in democratic nations should study Chavez's regime and beware of charismatic demagogues. This book is also vital for any student or academic looking to gain fresh new perspective on their political outlook,” he adds.

Critics agree, leaving a string of positive reviews. Anibal Romero of Simón Bolívar University, comments, “Ari Chaplin´s book decisively debunks the Chávez myth. It is thoroughly researched and well-written. An excellent effort of analysis and assessment.”

V-Factual New York’s Maibort Petit adds, “If you want a serious analysis of the democratic erosion that has occurred under Chavez, I strongly recommend Ari Chaplin’s book. It is a clear eyed look at what chavismo really means, what the consequences are of this regime that combines inside authoritarianism, fascism, militarism, populism, drug trafficking and terrorism. It is a must read for anyone interested in politics.”

‘Chávez's Legacy: The Transformation from Democracy to a Mafia State’, from University Press of America, is available now: http://amzn.to/103pKQ4

For more information on this book, the author and his other works, visit: http://arichaplin.net

About Ari Chaplin
Ari Chaplin has taught courses in comparative politics, Latin American history, and terrorism at various colleges in the New York City Metropolitan area. He also served as an educational consultant for the RMC Corporation in New York City. His book Terror: The New Theater of War was published by University Press of America.