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Manchester, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/18/2013 -- In the press conference held at one of the most prominent hotels in the city yesterday, the founder of cheap android tablets declared that their company aimed at offering cheap android tablets to make sure that everyone owns an Android. Their website, Cheap Android Tablets had an array of android tablets at comparatively low prices for people to select. He also responded that the android tablets they offer are of high quality and durable in nature. Though the androids they offer are at low process, he said that the company wants to make sure that there is no compromise in terms of

When responding to a question asked by the member of press regarding the authenticity of the android phones, the founder replied that each of the android phones sold by them possessed a quality certificate to ensure only the best phone reaches the hands of their customers. He further added that the customers can buy cheap android tablets with great assurance as their phones were of top quality than the rest sold in the market. This way he felt that the buyers would be satisfied as they would be proud owners of much cheaper tablets while it has the features of an expensive counterpart.

He also added that android lovers can have a great time visiting their website as the site is loaded with lots of information about the android phones and various features related to it. He also said that this is to ensure that if a person is buying an android phone for the very first time, he should be aware of the various features in an android and the uses of it. Also the person will have access to a long list of specifications for each model which he can compare and contrast before choosing a particular model. This feature he said, offers the scope for the buyer to get a good phone with many advanced features while buying new android tablets.

When asked about the terms for repair and replacement for the cheap android phones, he immediately responded that their company had a very flexible option for full refund. He added that if the buyer needs to return the android within 7 days, then he can send it back to the company and the full amount would be restored immediately. And if there are a few problems faced by the buyers with the tablet, then they can notify the company within 30 days and it will be replaced immediately in exchange of the ones with the problem. He also added that all the goods while in transit are insured and the shipping facilities were made available are standard and express methods.

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The cheap android tablet company is a popular player in the field of selling tablets for many years now and is popular or its cheap rates, timely service and quality products. The company features various android mobiles with various features to cater to the needs of android fanatics.

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