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Cheap Auto Coverage Launches Updated Database to Guarantee Best Deals


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/23/2013 -- Price comparison sites for car insurance are now ubiquitous on the internet. The size and scale of business that is gained through these sites may encourage insurance providers to lower premiums, but it also allows the competition to work together to keep premiums high on major sites where they know most people will be searching. Smaller sites with a more local focus are better able to push prices down, and Cheap Auto Coverage have just updated their database to its most comprehensive level yet, with exhaustive information on providers and deals.

By entering the zip code, consumers can find local and national providers who cover that region and quickly enter information to get a quote from them, easily enabling them to save hundreds of dollars without the hassle of calling around the individual providers. This approach has been designed to bridge the gap between the major price comparison sites and the local hot-footed approach to ensure that all bases are covered before a decision is made.

The site also keeps a regularly updated blog with editorialized content designed to advise policy buyers on how to quickly and easily lower their rates by taking simple actions or making cheap modifications to their cars to increase their safety and security rating.

Other features include a glossary of key terminology employed in auto insurance policies that can often confuse those not familiar with legal jargon, and a set of frequently asked questions from those looking for cheap policies and lower rates with answers that elucidate the process in plain English.

A spokesperson for the site explained, “We encourage our users to take greater responsibility for their car insurance quotes, but that needn’t mean it will take more time than using one of the major online providers. We provide an equal footing to smaller insurance providers that oftentimes have better policies with less small print for more competitive prices, and we prioritize matches locally to ensure that the multinationals are having to stay competitive with the mom n’ pop shops. It’s still fast and efficient, but it’s also more complete. The best of both worlds.”

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