Cheap Auto Insurance Isn't Always Rewarded to Loyal Policyholders


Orange Lake, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/23/2013 -- Long-term policyholders often mistakenly assume they are getting favored rates on their car insurance according to, a site that provides free rate comparisons. reports that many drivers unwittingly pay more for their coverage than necessary.

Dan Wright, owner of the site, believes 3 primary factors are the root cause:

1. Misplaced Loyalty

According to Wright, “Many drivers don’t take the time to compare rates because they assume that just because they’ve been with the same carrier for several years or more, that they are still obtaining the lowest rates in return for their loyalty. I discovered the hard way to never make that assumption. I once had my car insurance statement laying on the counter top and a visiting relative noticed it and was surprised I was paying so much for so little coverage. So I checked around and discovered that carrier I’d been with for about 10 years was gouging me! I received quotes from big name companies offering me twice the coverage for half what I’d been paying! To instantly reduce my monthly premium by 50% was such a blessing that I wanted to help others do the same and launched”

2. Smooth Advertising

Your lowest rates are not necessarily going to be acquired from the insurers with the biggest promotional campaigns budgets. Sure, many insurance companies hire ad agency geniuses capable of getting our interest with their comedic ads, but guess how they pay for it? Look behind the curtain and think carefully about the totality of what you’re getting in exchange for your premiums. Always keep in mind that just because a company has clever commercials to entertain us doesn’t necessarily mean they will be the ideal choice for you. “Consider our own video ads”, says Wright. “While they are simple in comparison, we succeed where it matters -- in helping drivers obtain cheap auto insurance.

3. Ignoring Comparison Services

Making use of online auto insurance tools that aid drivers in comparing rates and coverage across numerous top carriers is vital when it seems nearly every insurer asserts that they are the low rates leader. Wright sums it up thusly: “The quotes you receive when using our service are from the most reputable insurers in the country. So we not only simplify the process, you can be confident that no matter which policy you choose, that carrier will be there for you when you need them”.

About is a comparison website that helps drivers ensure they are getting low rates for the coverage they need. In cooperation with the nation’s insurance companies, the website is able to quickly match drivers with the most suitable policy options. The result is a quick, no-obligation process that typically leads to significant savings on their monthly premium. To learn more or compare car insurance rates now, click here.

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