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Cheap Call Too Launches to Help Consumers and Businesses Find the Cheapest International Calls Through VoIP


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/29/2013 -- Making international calls can expensive, especially when using mobile phones. Many mobiles are now internet enabled and the advent of super fast 4G means that new, cheaper solutions may soon be available. The VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) system has been in place for years, most notably exploited by services like Skype, but new contenders are entering the marketplace all the time. With the launch of Cheap Call Too, consumers can now find out which of these services offers the most competitive international call deals to a huge range of countries worldwide.

The site aims to help consumers find a cheap international call provider. The sites home page makes use of a tag cloud which allows users to select the country they wish to make a call to, this allows them then to locate the most relevant reviews to match their needs. This elegantly simple interface allows users to instantly eliminate all irrelevant results from their search, and see the top three cheapest providers by cents per minute.

The reviews go into greater detail, with a summary of the company and any associated products, details of the features of both regular and premium accounts, advice on maximizing the effectiveness of the product and a list of the call rates given by the company to different countries.

To celebrate the launch of the site, they are offering readers who sign up to the mailing list a free international call voucher.

A spokesperson for the company explained, “We understand implicitly the difficulties in finding the best deals between all the current VoIP services and we recognize that a saving of even a few cents per minute to certain countries can result in massive savings over the course of a year, which every business has a responsibility to try and maximize. We want to make that process as easy as possible with our reviews and search by country services. We also provide regularly updated news items that cover the topical issues from the world of VoIP to make sure that our readership is always on the leading edge of the discussion.”

About Cheap Call Too
Cheap Call Too provide the latest VoIP news and reviews for VoIP service providers. They help consumers choose the cheapest international calling service to any country in the world from dozens of VoIP providers. They also provide a free international calling bonus to their readers. For more information, please visit: