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Finding a divorce attorney is almost as difficult as getting a divorce, particularly when looking for a low-cost one.


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Talk to Other Business people
When trying to find decent divorce lawyers, begin by chatting with business people who have frequent interaction with them. Some of these folks are court clerks, judges, and paralegals. Others may be law students or professors, Legal Aid attorneys, or Chamber of Commerce directors. Any of these people can offer good insight into the philosophies of and approaches to divorce law of several lawyers. Take in their opinions, but don’t base a choice solely on them.

Ask Family, Friends, & Acquaintances
If one is looking for cheap divorce lawyers, a good place to start is by talking to people in one’s circles who have gotten divorces on a budget. Ask them which attorneys they chose, and what their reasons were for doing so. Inquire about a few attorneys’ fees and the caliber of their commitment to their cases. Listen carefully to the information being given; the negative things count, too. Again, take others’ views into consideration, but wait a bit before choosing the divorce lawyer for one’s case.

Online Attorney Referral Services
Sometimes it’s hard to find a good divorce lawyer, especially when one lives on limited funds. However, there are divorce lawyers for low income people. Accessing them isn’t very difficult; just go to the local library, if one does not own a personal computer, and go online on the public computers. Once there, type in “lawyer referral services” and follow the prompts. Type in the information requested, specifying that one needs a divorce attorney. The referral service will then offer the names of several lawyers who do not charge hefty fees and are located in one’s geographic area.

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Free Divorce Clinics
When it comes to finding a divorce attorney one can afford, the best place to look is a pro bono divorce clinic. The term “pro bono” means “free” and that is exactly what these clinics are. Offered by many legal firms, they are staffed by divorce attorneys who volunteer their time on weekends to make sure that no one is denied the legal guidance they need. The lawyers are there to answer questions about the divorce process and to offer advice. Contact the local legal aid office to find out which firms participate in these clinics.

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