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- Personal Recommendations
- Online Attorney Directories
- Legal Clinics
- Attorney Payment Plans

Talk to Others

When looking for a divorce lawyer in Tampa, ask other people who have gotten divorced which attorney they chose to represent them. Find out what specific traits their chosen lawyer possessed that made him the right choice. Once the same names have been suggested a few times, make appointments with those attorneys. Prepare a list of questions dealing with hourly rates, other fees, and who else will be working on the case. Make a choice based on that information.

Online Lawyer Directories

The Internet includes sites that help individuals find a Tampa, FL divorce lawyer. One such site is a lawyer directory. The way they work is this: A person puts in some basic information about themselves and their legal issue. The directory then provides in-depth profiles of divorce attorneys in that person’s area. She looks them over, makes contact with a few, and waits to hear back. Generally, the wait time is an hour or two, but she will get a response the same day. From an initial phone conversation, she can choose the lawyers to meet with, making her decision from there.

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Divorce Clinics

Cheap divorce lawyers in Tampa do exist, but attending a divorce clinic will cost less. These clinics are offered by many law firms and are staffed by experienced divorce attorneys who are volunteering their time. During such a clinic, a person can obtain the documents pertinent to divorce and learn what else one can do without having to hire representation. Divorce clinics are particularly effective for those whose dissolution of marriage process is civil.

Payment Plans

Some divorce lawyers in Tampa, FL are not interested in making payment plans with people. Ignore them. Any attorney who isn’t willing to work with folks and allow them to formulate a scheduled payment arrangement isn’t worth the time it takes to interview him. A lawyer who truly cares about people will encourage such an action; he knows that money is tight for many people, but they should not be denied representation because of that fact. He will help plan out payments the client can afford, draw up an agreement, and go to work.

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