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The elder scrolls online developed by ZeniMax Online Studios set the the background on the Tamriel continent about 1,000 years ago of elder scrolls V: Skyrim. The top level of the game is level 50. However, it is just the beginning of the journey on Tamriel land. The game developer of ESO Paul Sage said that the players can level the Veteran Ranks after they get to the top level. The game will not be boring at level 50. There are lots of quests and PvP area available after that. In the game, there are four or twelve PVE content. The storyline will continue the unfinished stories of low-rank Dungeons. It is worth to play again and again in these top-level Dungeons which contains lots of high rank achievements. When releasing elder scrolls online next week, it will open six Veteran Ranks Dungeons and Craglorn for four.

“There is no delay in the game which is worth expecting very much.” the manager of Igsell marketing department-Mr. C.H.said,” We have made the good preparation for the coming of the elder scrolls online. Once the players get to the top level, they will need lots of elder scroll online gold to imporve their gears.”

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