Cheap Insurance Site, Launched by Insurances Today

Insurances Today has announced a new project "Cheap Insurance by Insurances Today." The new project is a state-of-the-art website dedicated to providing cheap insurance.


Spokane, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/18/2012 -- Insurance specialists Insurances Today, have announced the launch of their new internet resource "Cheap Insurance by Insurances Today." The new website is a web based resource for Americans to locate affordable insurance coverage. The new website has been designed with the sole intent of providing cheap insurance.

When asked about the motivation to build the new website company representative Martin Jenson responded, "Insurance is a necessary evil in the United States; call it a "tax" if you will. The fact is the US Economy is still struggling, and people are hard pressed to put food on the table. To function in today's society there are certain things we are mandated to pay for, and insurance is one of them. We want to provide a resource to help save our fellow Americans time and money."

The new website, is designed to be easy to navigate and provides insurance quotes and educational materials. Visitors are welcome to peruse the educational materials and receive free insurance quotes. The site has launched with valuable information on how to locate cheap auto insurance.

To answer how Cheap Insurance by Insurances Today differs from other insurance websites Martin replied, "Our website is an impartial website that isn't "controlled" by one of the major carriers. Our insurance quotes come from multiple agents and carriers and are tailored to our visitors needs. The information we provide is unbiased and based on research and experience. We believe visitors will enjoy our simple and clean site design that is completely free of all advertising and distractions."

Insurances Today has provided this internet resource free of charge and welcomes all Americans in search of cheap insurance to visit their site. They provide complimentary insurance quotes from multiple carriers and providers. They offer insurance quotes for Auto, Health, Home and Life insurance with more to be added in the future.

About Cheap Insurance by Insurances Today
Insurances Today is an internet based insurance resource provider. Their new project is designed to help Americans find cheap insurance online. They provide valuable resources to educate their visitors, and provide unbiased, third party insurance quotes. To learn more please visit Cheap Insurance by Insurances Today at