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Cheap Ticket Sorted Launches Discounted Fleetwood Mac and Jason Aldean Tickets

Cheap Ticket Sorted have published information on Fleetwood Mac and Jason Aldean’s latest tours and provided the opportunity for individuals to source discounted tickets for their events.


Troy, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/16/2014 -- Musical acts rise to fame because they excel in a combination of virtues, from technical ability with instruments to creative composition to emotional intelligence. This is perhaps why music inspires a fandom like few other forms of media, and why seeing a favorite band live can go down as the opportunity of a lifetime. Unfortunately those opportunities are increasingly hard to come by as demand for tickets pushes prices up and ensures they sell out fast. Cheap Ticket Sorted was launched to combat this trend and provide fans with connections to independent sellers who offer cheaper tickets even after the major providers have sold out.

The latest additions to the website have caused a great deal of excitement and a spike in traffic, as Fleetwood Mac ( and Jason Aldean ( tickets have been added. The site does far more than simply provide links to ticketing services however, and includes information on the tour, its dates and locations, biographies of the artists and even live footage of the tour to help people decide if the event is for them.

The site updates regularly, and also has sections for major sports events, theatre shows and Las Vegas shows so no matter what people are passionate about they have a fighting chance of seeing it affordably.

A spokesperson for Cheap Ticket Sorted explained, “These are two very different acts from very different genres, but they find common ground in each having legions of committed fans. We are a site that is dedicated to the fans, and we love nothing more than to create opportunities for them to see their favorites live without having to sell a kidney to buy a ticket. We provide information on the tours, the dates and locations and link to available independent ticket sellers so individuals can secure the best deals quickly and easily, even after many mainstream providers claim to have sold out.”

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