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New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/08/2012 -- Outdoor enthusiasts are combining their love of nature and their sense of adventure by participating in more demanding outdoor activities.

For many avid outdoor adventurers quiet weekends at home are being left behind for challenging outdoor activities that result in a bit more of a rush. Some of the more popular of such activities include:

- Cross Country Skiing
- Kayaking
- Primitive Camping
- Boating
- Rock Climbing
- Mountain Biking

These favorite weekend warrior past times are often physically demanding, which amplifies the whole experience. The payoff, of course, is the incredible feeling that comes from mountain biking through rugged terrain or paddling through unforgiving rapids on a kayak. Through these activities recreationists get to simultaneously enjoy the beauty and danger of the natural world.

Another obvious benefit is that many of these activities require skill and athleticism, and provide quite the workout for participants. Even primitive camping can be demanding as you must clear a site, erect your tent, collect firewood and cook your meals each day.

The popularity of these activities has resulted in significant growth in the outdoor gear market. There is a wide variety of high tech gear available for outdoor enthusiasts, and outdoor adventurers are always looking for lighter, better designed, more efficient gear to push their experience to the next level.

Camping Gear

Selecting the right tent for your camping trips is a must. You’ll want a tent that comfortably fits your family, protects you from the elements, is easy to pitch, and will fit in your vehicle. A good camping stove is also something any primitive camper will want among their supplies. If your stove proves unreliable when you’re miles away from civilization it will certainly put a damper on your trip. It’s also advisable to have a water purifier on hand, as running out of water out in the wilderness is the last thing you want to have happen.

Cycling Gear

Whether you prefer the speed and lightness of a road bike or the rugged, durable construction of a mountain bike, choosing the right bicycle for your riding style and body type is a crucial first step. You’ll also need a comfortable seat, a strong, lightweight helmet and comfortable riding attire.

Cross Country Skiing

Getting started with cross country skiing can be quite confusing given the variety of skis and supplemental gear that is available. You’ll need to choose appropriately sized skis and adequate protective gear to keep you warm and comfortable.


Kayaking is absolutely exhilarating! You’ll need to be sure you have the right kayak for the waters you’ll be in as well as ample protective gear to stay safe and somewhat dry.

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Topics include:

- Camping Recipes
- Purifying Water
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- Skiing Equipment
- Solar Powered Battery Chargers