Intra Realm to Allow People to Shop Online from China


Shenzhen, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/16/2014 -- A newly announced site as aims at becoming one of the best Taobao agents throughout the world, by offering international users the chance to purchase products from China at great prices with a wide variety of services included.

Due to the fact that Taobao is a huge company specialized in allowing users to buy and sell products, many people tend to think about trying it out or buying products for their own through the use of this site. However, the problem is that it is in Chinese and designed in such a way to be suitable for the Chinese marketplace only.

Leaving this aside, a smart try has been made by which advertises itself as a Taobao agent while also offering a version of Taobao in English . By keeping in mind the idea that this site was mainly created for allowing people in other countries to purchase products from Taobao, but through the use of an agent, not only will a much higher number of customers make purchases on the market, but things will also work out much smoother than they did until now.

In order to fulfil its goal of becoming a great place that people can think about when shopping in China, but also a great marketplace in general, has certain unequalised benefits that have been designed in such a  way to make sure that they’ll be appreciated by all sorts of users. Not only are there many payment gateways including the possibility to use credit cards and PayPal accounts, but users also get an intuitive site design that can be used in order to find whatever they need. Additionally, the Taobao agent also promised fast international shipping and a of the products at a lower price, thus ensuring that people shopping from this site will get their own discounts.

What comes out as even better news is the fact that the company only keeps 6% of the total cost as a service fee. Not only can it be considered affordable by just about anyone, but the simple idea of having products purchased from Taobao and shipped anywhere in the world is simply amazing.

To do your own shopping or learn more, visit:

It represents a leading company aimed at providing users from all over the world with the products sold and offered by Taobao. Users are sure to be treated with the highest respect, while also given great prices and many features aimed at making their shopping experience more pleasant.