Got 8 Minutes Offers Instant Online Auto Insurance Quotes in Just Minutes


Asheville, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/20/2012 -- Got 8 Minutes is announcing publicly later today that their website, exists for the sole purpose of providing fast and accurate online car insurance quotes from major insurance companies, which allows drivers to save an average of $431 per year.

Tom Dunn, media contact, was recently asked what the driving force was behind creating "I have to admit, I was so tired of over-paying for my auto insurance. I mean, we all know we have to have it but does it really have to be so expensive? The truth is, it doesn't. So I hunted for ways to save money on my own insurance premiums and was amazed how much I could save by buying direct from the insurance company with no middleman. I began sharing my findings with friends and family and I was able to save them money as well, so I decided that there must be thousands of people just like me that had no idea they could find cheaper rates. That is when I decided the Internet was the vehicle to use in order to help others find cheap car insurance".

Asked about the process of getting an online auto insurance quote on the website, Dunn said, "I enjoy keeping things simple in everything I do, so this website is definitely a reflection of my personality in many ways", he said with a laugh.

Dunn went on to say, "The user simply heads to and immediately at the top of the page just plug in your home zip code and then click the link, 'Get Your Quotes Now!' You are then taken to the next page to provide some simple information about your car and mileage you normally use, the coverage you want, and finally your contact information. Once done, just click on the "Get Quote" button, where you'll be able to see the results".

"Our partners continue to increase of which we are very proud", Dunn continued, "When you land on the home page, just look to the right of the page and there you can see our partners. We're talking big insurance companies such as Allstate, MetLife, Travelers, and GMAC, to name a few. We continually seek out more partners so that visitors can feel confident that they can find cheap auto insurance through the site".

Asked about the future of the website, Dunn said, "The future looks incredible and I'm amazed at the amount of traffic and auto quotes that the site does every single day. There are always people on the site at all times of the day and night. It thrills me to have the opportunity to help so many people slash their auto insurance premiums".

About Got 8 Minutes
Got 8 Minutes created the website in 2008 after the owner decided he was tired of paying high prices for something that he knew he had to have, namely car insurance. Although his initial goal was not to begin the website, he was simply looking for ways to save on his on insurance. When he was successful at doing so the word spread fast and that was when the idea for the instant online auto insurance quotes came into being and when he began building the site.