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‘CheapCarAutoInsurance’ Offers Tips on How to Lower Auto Insurance


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/29/2011 -- As anyone with a car knows all too well, car insurance can be very expensive. Even just one policy for one vehicle can take a pretty good bite out of the monthly budget; add in a few extra drivers including a teenage driver or two, and rates can really skyrocket.

Many drivers would like to try to lower their rates and save money, especially in these troubled economic times. But finding a way to find cheap car insurance can seem like a confusing hassle, involving numerous phone calls and visits to multiple insurance agents who are all probably claiming to be the best.

A new website has already gotten a lot of attention for its ability to allow its clients to compare and contrast multiple auto insurance rates, all at one time.

CheapCarAutoInsurance is devoted to helping people save as much money as possible on their automobile coverage. By allowing them to compare car insurance companies right from one convenient and easy-to-use website, the process of finding a way to save on car insurance is much easier.

All interested customers need to do is fill out their zip code at the top of the home page, and then click “get quotes”—within just a few minutes people will see the cheapest auto insurance quotes available for them.

“Without any delays you can get a hold of the lowest car insurance rate that you are looking for,” an article on the website explained.

“It is really that easy to get cheap car insurance nowadays. The breakthroughs in the Internet technologies compare multiple quotes a simple task.”

CheapCarAutoInsurance also features a wide variety of educational articles about car insurance, including tips and advice on how to get the best rates. For example, an article titled “Tips to Lowering Your Cheap Auto Insurance Even Further” said that people should make use of car insurance discounts whenever they can, increase deductibles to lower the cost of the premium, obey traffic rules to avoid tickets, and equip all vehicles with an alarm system.

“If you are getting comprehensive coverage that protects you from theft, fire and other non-collision related damage, it is a great idea to install an alarm system in your vehicle,” the article said.

“This will not only decrease the chance of the car being stolen, but will also lower your comprehensive car insurance coverage.”

About CheapCarAutoInsurance:
CheapCarAutoInsurance helps customers compare multiple auto insurance rates, helping people save as much money as they can. Entering in a zip code will bring up multiple car insurance quotes that the customer can look over and then select. The website also features a huge number of helpful and educational articles about car insurance, advice for lowering rates, and other topics. For more information please visit http://cheapcarautoinsurance.org