Joe Bragg Publishes New Reviews of the Best Electronic Cigarette of 2013

Cheap Electric Cigarette has created a review putting the top three electronic cigarettes from the last year head to head to see which will reign supreme.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/07/2013 -- Electronic cigarettes are in their first swell of popularity, as traditional combustible cigarettes have seen a steady decline in sales due to the rise in health risk awareness, the increase in taxes, public smoking bans and growing social stigma. Electronic cigarettes provide a cleaner alternative means by which to get the same nicotine hit, and Cheap Electric Cigarette has been reviewing the top products since they first entered the market. Now, they are looking at the top products of 2013 after the busiest year yet.

The new editorial touches upon a wide array of e-cigarette providers, explaining that 2013 has been an explosive year in the proliferation of e-cigarettes, though 60% of sales still occur in just three countries: the US, Germany and Russia. The scope for the market is much greater and the competition is growing, but three providers continue to offer the best smoking experience.

The article then links to the V2 Cigs review, the Green Smoke review and White Cloud review, all published early in the year when the products were first released. All new for 2013, the products reflect a technological arms race, and the site has taken it upon itself to declare a winner- at least for this round.

A spokesperson for Cheap Electric Cigarette explained, “V2, Green Smoke and White Cloud e-cigarettes have been pitted head to head, and while each has its fair share of impressive features, competitive pricing and clean vaporizers, we know that the indecisive smokers who are reluctant to make the switch need a strong recommendation. Our article introduces the concept of the best electronic cigarette, introduces the main competitors against the backdrop of the wider market place, then feeds into individual reviews for each product, with a concluding recommendation made apparent.”

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