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Cheapest Auto Insurance Policies for New Drivers Now Quoted at Automotive Website

Cheapest auto insurance policies by state are now found inside database for new drivers at the CAI . Drivers can explore pricing at the website


Modesto, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/05/2014 -- New motor vehicle owners who have obtained a license to drive for the first time will be required to purchase a car insurance policy. The California Auto Insurance company has setup its national platform to locate some of the cheapest auto insurance policies for new drivers in the U.S. at

The drivers who are interested in using the system to find a less expensive insurance plan will be asked to enter a zip code to sort the providers by state. This makes it easier for a first-time driver to connect with companies that are providing discounts aside from the regular published rates online.

"A policy that is discounted through our system is provided direct from a known company and no vehicle details are needed for a base price delivery," said a California Auto Insurance Company source.

The new driver plans are now mixed in the database with the existing plans for adults to review for a number of coverage options. The state minimum coverage that most drivers select can be maximized by reviewing full coverage options. Annual and monthly prices for each plan can be displayed using the system.

"Saving money when buying auto insurance is a popular goal for drivers and our one-touch system is helping to deliver cost savings by zip code," said the source.

How does it work?
Drivers can get free no-obligation car insurance quotes in 3 easy steps:

1. Visit the website at and enter their zip code.
2. Compare discounts available in the listings with insurance companies across the nation.
3. Click on at least 3 results to ensure the best savings which can be up to 70%.

How does it work?

Visitors can get free no-obligation quotes in three easy steps

1. Visit the website at and enter their zip code
2. Review possible savings from insurance providers in the location based listings
3. Click on at least 3 providers for free quotes and save from 30-70%

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