Joe Bragg Launches Auto Insurance Comparison Tool


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/29/2012 -- Comparing vehicle insurance might not seem like a fun activity, but it’s an activity that can save car owners hundreds of dollars per year. Insurance agencies vary widely in terms of the prices and terms they offer to consumers, and even a few minutes of research can make a noticeable difference on a monthly vehicle insurance bill.

One website wants to reduce the time and effort visitors spend looking for car insurance quotes online. features a simple zip code entry form that allows visitors to instantly compare car insurance rates in their local area. The entry form, located at the very top of the page, is tough to miss, and wants to make sure visitors don’t get lost on their way to finding local vehicle insurance agencies.

After entering their zip code into the site, visitors instantly receive a listing of the top insurance agencies in their geographic area. Some of these insurance agencies cater to older drivers, while others are perfect for younger drivers with no insurance history. The website lists the individual features of each agency in order to give visitors the chance to instantly compare different companies.

After visitors decide which insurance agency works best for their needs, they can click the bright orange ‘Get Quotes’ button in order to fill out more detailed information at the insurance agency’s website. Of course, visitors are free to fill out as many forms as they want in order to receive the cheapest rates on insurance in their area.

A spokesperson for explained how the site helps visitors save time and money:

“Our website reduces the time it takes to find cheap auto insurance rates. Time is money, but our website also helps visitors save money in other ways. Insurance agencies offer discounts of up to 20% to prospective clients who apply for insurance online. These insurance agencies know that they’re competing against several other companies on our rates page, and that competition ensures that prices are kept as low as possible.”

Along with giving visitors a way to find the best deals on auto insurance rates in their area, the website features detailed information about the auto insurance industry in general. The site features tips about how to lower insurance premiums, for example, as well as the best ways to ensure a vehicle is protected in the event of an accident.

About helps visitors instantly compare top auto insurers in their local area. Visitors can simply enter their zip code in order to view a list of rates offered by nearby insurance agencies. For more information, please visit: