Check-out VA Home Mortgage Loan Eligibility Requirement for Veterans Mortgage

American veterans have made enormous sacrifices for their country, and it’s time to give back a little by providing them VA home mortgages.


Pittsfield, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/14/2013 -- is proud to offer some tips on the process of obtaining such a loan, including:

- Active Duty Loans
- Veteran Spouse Mortgages
- Military United Home Loans
- Rates and Calculators

Mortgages for Active Duty Personnel

Overseas or at home, active duty personnel can qualify for and obtain VA home mortgage loans. If a soldier is going to a new house in the area or coming off base for the first time, he can apply and be approved for a VA mortgage. Some of these military men and women have received PCS and must move to a different city or state. Personnel coming from overseas who need to purchase homes can go through the VA to do it; all they need do is contact any VA-approved lender.

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Spouses of Veterans Mortgages

Often, when the active duty person is away, his spouse must handle the veteran’s home mortgage application and process by herself. That’s perfectly alright; she can do it all and have the home set up and ready to greet her husband as soon as he returns. A veteran who is disabled may also need his spouse to do all of the errands, finances, and other things that go into purchasing a home. Again, she can do it, and VA-sponsored financers will help.

Military United Mortgages

When one begins the search for a military united mortgage, he might want to look at a company called Veterans United. This company does nothing but work with and on behalf of veterans, active duty personnel, and others who qualify for a VA-sponsored mortgage. It has financed over 3 million dollars worth of VA home loans and is staffed by specially trained representatives who know the ins and outs of VA home loans. Accepting a loan from Veterans United can help get the closing faster than with a different lender, and it has earned an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Interest Rates and Mortgage Payment Calculators

The Internet holds a wealth of information on VA home mortgages and the interest rates they carry. It also offers payment calculators to help veterans figure out how much house they can afford. Keeping in mind that interest rates on VA-approved loans are generally lower than those of traditional, non-VA lenders, it can be much easier to know what a sailor is working with if he utilizes these tools.

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