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CheckPoint Partners Provides IT Governance Support to Executives of Major Companies


Quincy, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/11/2012 -- Companies looking to drive change through strategy and execution often have no clear tools to achieve goals which have been set. CheckPoint Partners has created a 360 degree IT Governance Model which is a toolkit used to characterize and surface risks. Techniques and interventions are used to enhance capabilities necessary to undertake changes which are critical. "The unique assessment process used by CheckPoint Partners identifies the change corridor a company needs to make use of to maximize return on investment," Corey Gorman explains.

Companies must not only focus on the here and now, they must also plan for the long term. Any plans that are made must connect across the enterprise. "When a company turns to CheckPoint Partners for help with their Strategic Governance, the process is defined to ensure long-term success. This is done by defining the governance model so it aligns strategic processes with lifecycle, technical and operational processes. Doing so ensures consistency now and in the future," Mr. Gorman explains. "Once the long term strategy has been identified, day to day processes must be analyzed. Processes become very technical and difficult, but companies often fall into a rut and don't see the need to change. CheckPoint Partners comes in, identifies barriers to success and develops an Operational Governance policy which leverages the process so it is aligned with Strategic Governance, allowing the business to move forward in a positive manner."

Lifecycle governance is the third area addressed by CheckPoint Partners. The creation of business capabilities is dependent on the end to end Service Lifecycle. "Most businesses find that these processes are disconnected when it comes to senior leadership. As a result, many are under the impression that IT isn't doing their job properly. Here at CheckPoint, our goal is to align a company's visions, people and goals as, by doing so, common issues are eliminated and the leadership team is aligned with all employees," Mr. Gorman goes on to say. "Once this occurs, a real discussion of business value and technical alignment can begin."

The final stage of the process focuses on Technical Governance. "Companies often have no problem implementing technology software, but the challenge lies in getting the full competitive value from the technology. CheckPoint Partners comes in and defines areas where improvements can be made to better align all aspects of the business. When all parts of a business are aligned, the company sees an improved return on investment through effective and sustainable change," Mr. Gorman states.

About CheckPoint Partners:
CheckPoint Partners is a management consulting service designed for those executives who want the best performance from their business-critical IT software as well as their organization. Real return on investment must be delivered by executives who wish to succeed in this industry so the ROI Governance Model used by CheckPoint Partners is a 360-degree business approach to policy, people, performance and process. Solid governance is the key to a stable return on investment when it comes to IT initiatives. The focus is on core governance initiatives with the goal being to continually enhance the delivery of the ROI Governance model, making it cost-effective while driving ROI through Governance. What makes CheckPoint Partners Different from others in this field is the fact that they remember their success is only possible when their clients are successful.