Cheerleading-Choreography Announces Enrollment Opening


Raleigh, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/03/2014 -- Highly in demand cheer company Cheerleading-Choreography is now open for enrollment. The regular package includes custom choreography for schools, All-Stars, and recreation, eight hours’ instruction, printed copy of a creative and innovative routine to maximize success, custom music pre-approved by the client, and two professional and highly-experienced cheerleading choreographers per squad to oversee the choreography.

Whether it’s regular or competitive, cheerleading choreography is what makes a squad win competitions at the local, regional and even the national level. Elements such as variety, unity, transition, repetition, and continuity are characteristics of a good choreography.

Cheerleading-Choreography teaches all these elements to make a winning squad, whether it performs for show, brings entertainment to athletic events or cheers for little league, semi-pro or pro sports teams. Fully qualified with the right kind of experience is what makes a good cheerleading choreography company.

Service after the session is always available through email and phone for discussion of routine for the session’s duration for quick and convenient changes. A deposit for reservation of a spot and the submission of a filled out form are required before any session is scheduled. Because of high demand for their sessions, deposits are non-refundable,

A cheerleading choreographer for hire may be a dime a dozen during the Fall when most sporting events are scheduled. The potential for success decreases with the wrong choice of choreographer. Choreography is, undoubtedly, vital in cheerleading. Stunts and tumbles may be entertaining but at the end of the day, technique is what draws the applause and points on the score sheet.

About Cheerleading-Choreography
Enrolling for a session with an award-winning cheer company like Cheerleading-Choreography should be fully booked in advance of three months. Contacting them is a wise decision before embarking on any choreography project to secure a confirmation for a session. Call 1-866-89 CHEER or visit their official website at for further inquiries on booking and schedules.

Contact Information:
4824 Sweet Chestnut Lane
Raleigh, North Carolina, 27610