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ChefMod Provides a User Friendly Vendor Management Software


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/22/2016 -- ChefMod provides a cloud based purchasing and recipe management software that can be operated from both computer and mobile devices. This user friendly and easy to use software allows the chefs to sit back and relax whilst ChefMod handles the vendors for them and provide the chefs the best ingredients on the lowest prices possible.

As stated by ChefMod, "ChefMod is an effective and efficient system that is simple to use and easily accessible. From inventory, ordering and receiving to a fool proof recipe management and food costing, ChefMod gives the chefs the ease to relax while ChefMod handles this all for them and streamlines all such business operations efficiently for them. ChefMod's cloud based system gives its members the ease of operating this system from computer as well as from mobile phone".

The chefs can decide the products very easily as ChefMod shows all the options with prices and one can compare them until they are fully satisfied and then they can decide the best products for themselves with ease. This software gets smarter as the member orders, it tends to learn the order details and then suggests the best prices, perfect quantities, and best products to its members which makes ordering so much easier and it also helps the members in saving money;because with the help of ChefMod, they order more smartly and efficiently than they normally used to.

As stated by ChefMod, "There has never been an easier way to see how much one is going to spend before they actually spend it. If a person is working with a budget, ChefMod is an invaluable tool for them. As, ChefMod Mobile App takes SecureOrder one step further by using member's own order history to recommend order quantities generated in their shopping cart".

The chefs can access the ChefMod App anywhere: in the storeroom, the walk in box, even in the sub-basement, and most remote storage areas; as this app is an internet cloud based software it is accessible from anywhere which means no matter where the member/chef is, he/she can very easily place a perfect order with the help of this smart vendor management system.

Apart from all the amazing features CHefMod also offers EZRECIPE through which the members/chefs can calculate the price of a recipe with just a few clicks, which means with ChefMod the chefs can have a completely hassle-free life and rather than focusing on vendor management and accounts management, they would be able to focus on their passion of cooking delicious food.

About ChefMod
ChefMod was developed in 2005 and since then thousands of chefs have adopted this software which has made their lives completely hassle-free. This cloud based purchasing and recipe management software can be accessed from both computer and mobile devices. For more information, please go to

New York, NY
85 Fifth Avenue, 14th Floor
Ph. 646 651 1125 / Fx. 866 422 0536