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Chemical Bed Bug Treatments Don't Stack Up to Heat Treatment According to Environmental Heat Solutions

It’s been proven that bug bombs and insecticides simply aren’t as effective or as safe as heat treatment. Environmental Heat Solutions explains why this is, and encourages those suffering from bed bug infestation to make the right choice.


Purcellville, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/02/2014 -- Environmental Heat Solutions is a company committed to educating the public regarding the menace known as bed bugs. In the common person’s zeal to get rid of bed bugs as soon as possible, many people rush to bug bombs and other pesticides to solve the problem. According to Environmental Heat Solutions, this is a bad idea.

“Bug bombs have been proven to be ineffective against bed bugs,” a representative of Environmental Heat Solutions says. “While they may destroy flying pests, crawling bugs respond to it simply as a repellent, and this can send bed bugs deeper into crevices. Bed bug heat treatment is far superior.”

Luckily, bed bug heat treatment has been shown to be extremely effective when it comes to getting rid of bed bugs. It takes roughly 60 minutes to complete and can kill both live pests and their eggs. Bed bug heat treatment also helps residents avoid pumping your home full of dangerous chemicals, which can negatively affect the health of your family.

“You don’t want to inhale the chemicals that are released from a bug bomb or other pesticide treatments,” the representative from Environmental Heat Solutions warns. “It can be seriously detrimental to your health. Heat treatment will keep the air in your home clean and leaves no toxins behind!”

Moreover, there are even methods of heat treatment that those suffering from bed bugs can implement themselves. Environmental Heat Solutions doesn’t recommended that a person treat the entire house independently, but using a clothes dryer to help kill the eggs embedded in linens and clothing can play a part in the larger scheme of prevention.

“We recommend that anybody suffering from bed bugs get in contact with a professional immediately,” says the representative from Environmental Heat Solutions. “It’s too big a job for an untrained individual to handle alone. However, we encourage preventative measures among our clients.”

About Environmental Heat Solutions
Located in Purcellville, Virginia, Environmental Heat Solutions was founded with one goal in mind: to help those suffering from bed bug infestations. They are Washington, D.C. Metro Area’s bed bug specialists, offering bed bug heat treatment and canine detection services throughout Washington, D.C., Virginia, West Virginia, and Maryland. With years of experience in handling bed bug infestations, Environmental Heat Solutions has found heat treatment to be the best approach for eliminating widespread infestations quickly and with minimal environmental impact. Environmental Heat Solutions offers a free consultation to anybody who suspects a bed bug infestation and provides them access to definitive answers regarding the costs involved with identifying and eliminating such infestations. For more information, please visit: http://www.greenbedbugsolutions.com.