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Chermol & Fishman LLC Announce Upswing After Pennsylvania Slashes Benefits for Disabled


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/14/2012 -- The process of applying for disability benefits can be both complex and challenging for many of those with a need to do so. Many law firms will help those who have failed to successfully apply to appeal the decision, but Chermol & Fishman will help to guide individuals through the difficult process from start to finish, with free consultation services until the benefits are recovered. They can offer this expertise because many of their lawyers have worked within the social security administration, and can offer insider expertise to those making applications.

The practice specializes in making organized and convincing claims to the Social Security Administration (SSA), and appealing on behalf of claimants in the case of rejected claims. Their website includes an FAQ and resource centre designed to elucidate on what for newcomers can be a baffling area, as well as information on disabling conditions and contact details to discuss claims and appeals.

The firm’s lawyers have been busier than ever in recent months after benefits for the disabled were slashed in Pennsylvania, the firm’s home state.

A spokesperson for the legal practice explained how they are uniquely suited to fighting these battles, “Our co-founding attorney, David Chermol, spent ten years inside the SSA dealing with high profile appeals and training its administrative law judges on a regional and national level. He has passed on this unparalleled expertise to all the lawyers who work with us, allowing our company to offer those making SSI and SSD claims to reap the benefits of his expertise to maximize the chances of their application or appeal. It’s no surprise that in light of the recent cuts to benefits in Pennsylvania, we’re seeing more people turn to our services. We’ve already put some information on our website for those concerned about the changes, and we’re happy to help in any way we can.”

About Chermol & Fishman LLC
Some law firms that handle claims for SSD and SSI disability benefits only take clients who have already had their initial application denied. Chermol & Fishman are different. While they certainly help people after they have been denied, they also help many clients file their initial applications. Because applying for Social Security Disability and SSI can be such an intimidating and confusing experience, they will help clients from the very beginning.

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