Cherokee Holdings Llc, and Titan Holdings Inc., Both Wholly Owned Subsidiaries of Scalada Holdings, Ltd., Announce Testing of Machinery to Provide Solutions for Environmental Problems of Krill Oil Production

Upon completion of further testing, a new prototype machine is expected to prove that contaminated water from krill oil production in Norway and Sweden can be treated successfully by the system currently being demonstrated to stakeholders.


Singapore -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/24/2013 -- Manly Logan, CEO of Scalada Holdings, Ltd., ( announced today that its two wholly-owned subsidiaries, Cherokee Holdings LLC, an engineering firm, and Titan Holdings Inc., a Nevada based environmental company, have successfully completed testing on a new prototype water treatment machine to address major ecological problems arising in Norway and Sweden from the harvesting and production of krill oil. Cherokee was initally approached in April for its successful history of providing ecologically sustainable solutions to environmental. Titan Holdings was brought in for its engineering expertise. The two companies have worked together on many projects in the past.

Scalada, Cherokee, and Titan are well known for the development of Scalada’s unique and patented Elemental Ionization System (EIS) for water remediation and recycling. The system is considered the worldwide leader in the field because it can decontaminate water in ways that are economical, environmentally friendly and profitable. For this project, new machinery specific to the problem was developed and is currently in the process of being demonstrated in Norway and Sweden.

The water problem is a result of the production of krill oil, which is derived from a species of the small crustaceans found in all the world’s oceans. Krill is an essential organism in the Antarctic ecosystem, fundamental to the survival of almost every species of animal that lives in the Antarctic or sub-Antarctic waters and island groups. Krill oil has increasingly important and profitable applications in the pharmaceutical industry for its exceedingly high concentrations of Omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidant qualities.

Norway, after entering the krill production industry in 2006, has quickly become the largest harvester, exceeding the previous leaders Japan, the USSR/Russia, South Korea, Poland, and the Ukraine. Norway’s annual krill catches is approximately 120,000 tonnes, a fraction of an Antarctic Ocean stock estimated at between 100 million to 500 million tonnes, yet, even this fractional number has led to major adverse ecological impacts of water contamination which the Norwegian government has pledged to address.

Cherokee Holdings LLC, was asked to add its expertise to identifying and implementing engineering solutions to a long list of international organizations and enterprises already involved in combatting the potentially disastrous effects of krill harvesting practices.

Logan is confident that “With the recent positive testing of this specifically designed system, we will contribute to the ongoing production of this important product in ways which are both sustainable and profitable.”

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