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Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/11/2016 -- In Pennsylvania, every company is required to have workers compensation insurance to safeguard against the unfortunate realities of getting sick or injured on the job. Workplace injuries and illnesses are a reality for hundreds of thousands of Americans each year; being fairly compensated while recovering shouldn't be a difficult thing to obtain, but unfortunately, it often is. Insurance companies frequently push back on claims to underpay or, sometimes not pay, the workers affected. In those instances a workers compensation attorney in and around Newtown Square, PA can be indispensable.

Cherry Injury Law is an established firm that has reached settlements for their clients totaling tens of millions of dollars. When working with clients on workers compensation, there are typically four different types of compensation claims that can be addressed. Specific loss, which denotes a permanent loss or use of a body part or a disfigurement. Death benefits, for surviving dependents of an individual who was fatally harmed or sickened at work. Payment for lost wages, for those who need to recoup the wages they lost during their time denied of a claim. Finally, Medical care, for claimants who need any form of medical care out of a workers compensation issue.

Cherry Injury Law, workers compensation attorneys in Coatesville, PA, and across the southeastern corner of the state, handle a variety of other cases as well. They specialize in other areas such as: personal injury, liquor liability, medical malpractice, motor vehicle accidents, product liability as well as other forms of law.

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Cherry Injury Law is a Pennsylvania-based law firm providing strategic legal defense for victims of personal injury. They will provide effective legal defense for people seeking workman's compensation as well as any other victims of personal injury through their Media, PA, and Philadelphia, PA offices.

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