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Cherrystone Auctions Announces New Items Added to Its Gallery of Rarities

Cherrystone Auctions announced new stamps added to its “Gallery of Rarities.” According to Cherrystone, this gallery features stamps and covers that fetched incredibly high prices at auction.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/01/2018 -- Cherrystone Auctions recently made a major announcement regarding its "Gallery of Rarities." The company described its Gallery of Rarities as a webpage that features stamps that sold for tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars at auction. The company stated that it has added several new stamps and covers to this gallery. Cherrystone shared that its Gallery of Rarities is located on the company's website at

Cherrystone mentioned that many of the stamps added to the Gallery of Rarities are foreign stamps, especially Russian stamps. As an example, the company shared that a pane of 25 rare Russian stamps sold for the whopping sum of $805,000. The company stated that this was one of the highest prices ever realized at one of its auctions. According to Cherrystone, this pane features green stamps depicting an early airplane. The company said that these stamps were printed in 1924.

The company also shared some additional stamps that were recently included in its Gallery of Rarities. The company mentioned that a recent Russian cover – that is, an envelope with stamps affixed – sold for $517,000 at one of its recent auctions. Cherrystone stated that a U.S. stamp featuring the famous "Inverted Jenny" – that is, a stamp featuring an airplane that was mistakenly printed upside down – sold for $345,000 at auction. Cherrystone stated that its Gallery of Rarities is intended to provide important reference information to stamp collectors. Cherrystone indicated that it intends to add more stamps to its Gallery of Rarities in the future.

In closing, Cherrystone shared some company information. Cherrystone stated that it began as a retail store in 1968. Cherrystone was pleased to announce that 2018 marks the company's 50th anniversary. Cherrystone described itself as a global leader in philatelic auctions, bringing over $30 million worth of stamps and postal history to auction each year. Cherrystone indicated that the stamps it brings to auction are prized for their quality and rarity. Cherrystone is a proud member of all major U.S. philatelic societies, including the American Stamp Dealers Association (ASDA), and the American Philatelic Society (APS). The stamp company can be seen at

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