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Cherrystone Auctions Brings Philatelic Treasures This February

This upcoming February, Cherrystone Auctions will be bringing a vast collection of stamps and philatelic material to market, giving collectors, history buffs, and interested buyers a chance to meet their philatelic needs.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/27/2016 -- Cherrystone Auctions are some of the most professional philatelic auctioneers in the market. Join them as they hold another auction. Here can be found some of the rarest stamps, good to join the collection of any philatelist. This company has been family owned since their origin, and they like to focus on rarity as well as quality. The president of Cherrystone has been collecting stamps for close to 50 years now and is a highly regarded philatelist. With Cherrystone's expert staff, quality assurance, and rare collections, they are the best option for buyers, as well as sellers, in the philatelic market.

Cherrystone is equipped with a staff of people able to assist with the philatelic and financial business of stamp collecting. Aside from his previously mentioned accolades, President Paul Buchsbayew is also a member of the Association Internationale des Experts Philatelie or the A.I.E.P. He has also exhibited his specialty in Russian philatelic material all over the world. The Vice President is his son and he began working at Cherrystone in 2002 after tackling a career in the financial field. He possesses appraisal capabilities and is also a lot describer. These two men's experience combined is enough to fulfill the wants of most philatelists. They also have a group of knowledgeable auction agents ready to stand by and turn in absentee bids at any auction a client isn't capable of making.

Cherrystone Auctions is also one of the best places for consignment options. Consignment is often the best option for people who are wanting to sell their valuable stamps for a good price with no hassle. Sale by auction, or consignment, is one of the most profitable sale methods. This method is also convenient for those who have come upon, or inherited, valuable stamps and don't have much knowledge about the philatelic world. Cherrystone has a high standard of quality for all items put up for consignment, or auction. Only ten percent of the hammer price will be charged to the person who chooses consignment with Cherrystone Auctions.

For more information on Cherrystone's consignment process download the brochure at

About Cherrystone Auctions
Cherrystone auctions feature some of the rarest pieces that any philatelist would love to have as part of their collection. Their inventory has rare specimens like the twenty four cent US inverted carmine rose and blue that is realized for 345,000, and the complete pane of the 1924 10k on green realized for 805,000. These two varying pieces are just the tip of the philatelic iceberg when it comes to Cherrystone Auctions. Interested buyers are guaranteed that the items they are auctioning off are worth the price and have the utmost in quality.

Cherrystone Auctions is available to help you with your inquiries about the sale and consignment of your personal philatelic pieces, the purchase of a new piece, and general questions regarding history and facts of the market.

Cherrystone Auctions
119 West 57th Street, Suite 316 New York, NY 10019