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Cherrystone Auctions Details Consignment Procedures


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/07/2016 -- Cherrystone Auctions, a national and global leader in auctions of rare stamps and other collectible materials, has detailed on their website the process through which owners of stamps may sell their items through the frequent public auctions held by the company. Explaining this process in full detail on their website helps clients understand better what to expect and what criteria need to be met before proceeding.

Cherrystone Auctions begins their description of their consignment services by noting the effectiveness of selling stamps at auction. For owners of stamps with little to no knowledge of the national or international stamp market, selling at an auction is reported to be particularly beneficial. Cherrystone notes that by factors of convenience and profitability, selling at an auction has proven to be the best way of selling items for this demographic. Among the reasons for this listed by Cherrystone are the efficient nature of auctions in furnishing multiple potential buyers at one place and time and the quality of service provided by Cherrystone through their many years in the industry. Cherrystone notes the importance of choosing an auction house that is licensed, bonded and flexible in the customer base it is able to reach.

Of the disadvantages to selling at auction, the auction house acknowledges that payment is not received by the vendor immediately. To remedy this potential drawback, the page detailing consignment services expresses Cherrystone's ability to offer advance payment under certain circumstances detailed in full on the website.

Among the details of the consignment procedures listed by Cherrystone is their requirement that the consignment—the stamp or, more likely, collection of stamps or lots that a vendor sells through their auction—is to be of a minimum total value of $5000. Individual lots, the company further details, may average a minimum of $200. Again, certain circumstances under which these requirements may be waived are detailed on the website. Other details of the consignment procedure listed on the website include Cherrystone's commission fee, insurance policies and payment procedure, among others.

A full, detailed description of this service provided by Cherrystone Auctions is available to view on their website by clicking the link at the top of the homepage that reads "Consignment", or by directly visiting

About Cherrystone Auctions
Cherrystone Auctions brings many decades of experience in the industry to each of their auctions. They report bringing over $30 million worth of stamps and other collectibles to market on a yearly basis. For more information on their consignment services, their schedule of upcoming auctions or to speak with one of their trained and certified staff members, interested parties are encouraged to contact the company using the contact information provided below.

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