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Cherrystone Auctions Offer Interactive Bidding System


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/25/2016 -- Cherrystone Auctions, a global leader in Philatelic Auctions and proprietor of an online stamp store and online gallery of rare stamps and collectibles, offers an interactive bidding system for interested parties to bid on items remotely during their periodically held live auctions.

The interactive bidding system, known as CherrystoneLIVE, is described on the company's website, listed below. The section of the website devoted to CherrystoneLIVE includes a link for customers interested in utilizing the system to pre-register for the system, a process that is required before it is able to be utilized during a live auction. Another link on the same page of the website directs interested parties to a CherrystoneLIVE Demo, which affords these interested bidders the opportunity to practice using the software and bidding before a live auction situation.

In describing CherrystoneLive, Cherrystone Auctions notes that is a web-based bidding system designed to interact with and supplement the live public auction floor's of their stamp and collectible auctions. Cherrystone acknowledges that difficulties operating the system may occur. Potential difficulties acknowledged by the company include differences in bandwidth and other technical issues. These issues, Cherrystone goes on to disclose, may result in an error that affects the transmission of a bid. While bids will and are usually executed to the best of the system's ability, Cherrystone assures users of the system on its website that difficulties with the system are able to be resolved by calling a provided number, speaking to a representative about the issue and placing the bid by that method.  More information is available at

Cherrystone Auctions is responsible, the company notes on its website, for bringing over $30 million worth of stamps and postal history each year to this collectible marketplace. Their public auctions, the company announces, feature the widest selection of philatelic material available in the world. The company further acknowledges its focus on the rarity factor of the stamps and collectibles it brings to market, as well as their exceptional quality.

Stamps and collectibles from around the world are brought to market by Cherrystone. Among the locations represented in each auction it holds include the United States, Asia (including China), Great Britain, France, Poland and Russia. Historical colonies and territories are included in each auction as well, including the French colonies, the German area including past States, Colonies and the areas designated during the Occupation as well as the territories of the British Commonwealth.

About Cherrystone Auctions
Cherrystone Auctions was originally founded as a retail store in 1967. Since this time, it has garnered nearly 50 years of Philatelic knowledge and experience. Since its inception, it has been centrally located in New York City and been a source of activity for the world's most prominent and serious buyers, sellers and collectors of stamps. Parties interested in participating in their auctions or selling their collection through Cherrystone are encouraged to contact the company utilizing the contact information below. Further, detailed contact information is also available on their website, also listed below.

Cherrystone Auctions, Inc.
Address: 119 West 57th Street, Suite 316, New York, NY 10019
Phone: 2012.977.7734
Toll Free: 800.886.9313
Fax: 212.977.8653
Bids Email: