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Chevrolet Is Offering Great Lease Deals at Joe Bowman Auto Plaza

Joe Bowman Auto Plaza is now offering the best Chevrolet leasing options.


Harrisonburg, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/03/2014 -- For those looking to lease a new car, Joe Bowman Auto Plaza is announcing their extended leasing options for new Chevrolets. For low monthly payments, nearly anyone can drive away in a brand new Chevrolet and enjoy the latest options and improvements in Chevy technology.

Leasing is an excellent option for many people when it comes to selecting a car. That is why Joe Bowman Auto Plaza is pleased to offer this financing option. There is also an easy leasing calculator on the website so people can see if leasing is truly the best choice for their needs and budget. Simply filling out a short questionnaire can determine whether this is the right decision to make for car financing.

When considering leasing a car, there are a few things customers should keep in mind. While a great option for many, leasing is not for everyone. If a customer has a flawed credit history, that might raise the interest rate above that of a typical car loan, which means there is no financial benefit to leasing. If the driver uses their car extensively for travel, leasing is probably not the right option. Most lease agreements have a limit of 12,000 miles per year that can be driven before additional fees are added.

Nevertheless, for those who like nothing more than the smell of a new car, leasing allows customers the chance to drive and enjoy a new car every few years. This typically gets the driver into the newest models much more quickly without the hassle of trade-ins and negotiating new car prices.

For those in the Harrisonburg, VA area, Joe Bowman Auto Plaza is the place to go for the newest Chevy model with the favorable leasing options currently available. For more information, please visit:

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