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ChiaShooter: Natural Blend of Nutrition and Taste to Stay Healthy and Energized

ChiaShooters, made of organic Chia seeds, dark Guittard chocolate and almonds, provide a tastier, natural way to keep one’s stamina up on a busy day.


Mesa, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/10/2016 -- When it comes to being active and energized all through the day, ChiaShooters are an effective source. Packed with nutrients, a serving of Chia seeds itself could be a vital part of a balanced diet. A small quantity of these tiny seeds can provide nutritional sustenance for days. No wonder they are called "miracle seeds" and now, they are deliciously combined with chocolate and almonds in a high protein, antioxidant, fiber-rich snack that's packed with Omega-3's and energy.

A ChiaShooter is great for endurance athletes or people "on the go" because they are easy to eat and lightweight enough to carry in a purse, pocket, or backpack. Audrey Matrinez, founder of ChiaShooters, discovered the benefits of Chia seeds while preparing a wholesome diet during her marathon training. The nutritional value prompted her to include Chia seeds within the diet of her entire family. The results were amazing and proved that ChiaShooter are a smart choice for natural energy in a chocolate snack packet. "Within a span of a few days," says Martinez, there were significant improvements in digestive regularity, mental clarity and energy. I knew this would be product that athletes, hikers and outdoor adventurers would love as an easy-to-carry food to fuel the body for activity.

ChiaShooters, despite its long list of healthy ingredients, is a delicious snack and can meet the round-the-clock energy demands of any busy person. It is great for Moms on the go, college students or kids in school, and particularly useful in improving the endurance of athletes. Few super-nutritious products in your local health store beat the delicious taste and benefits of ChiaShooters. They can be popped open any time of the day will keep a person's energy levels up for hours to come.

A single serving has nine grams of fat (the polyunsaturated kind) and 10 grams of fiber. This keeps a person fuller, longer and aids in digestion as well. Best of all, chia seeds are packed with the best in heart healthy Omega-3 fats, the same fats that come in oily fish like salmon, but ChiaShooters are 100% vegetarian. Chia Shooter is an all-natural chia seed based snack that is fit for the athlete but also for the hungry looking for an after school or anytime snack.

ChiaShooters can be eaten "as is" or mixed into yogurts, cereals and added to peanut butters. The only limitation is the personal palate. Each ChiaShooter has dark chocolate, almonds, and the chia seed which is the only nut on the Mayo Clinic list of superfoods. This means a ChiaShooter is an excellent snack that is guilt-free while still perfect for the health conscious consumer. ChiaShooters are always available for ordering online, but a quick visit your local health food store to request them will make sure there are ChiaShooters always in stock at the neighborhood grocer.

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About ChiaShooters
As a family of athletes who are involved in a range of events from triathlons and marathons, to hiking and skiing, we use Chia seeds as a regular part of our diet for natural energy. The health benefits are so enormous that we created delicious Chia Shooters to fill the void between the "hard core" natural eater and the average consumer who desires to eat healthier. Chia Shooters make it so easy and convenient for active people to get natural, healthy energy on the go.


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