Chicago Appeal Lawyers Brownstone PA Now Support Illinois Appeals

Brownstone Chicago Appeal Lawyers have expanded to support all Illinois appeals. Individuals and businesses have access to the best appeals lawyers around.


Chicago, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/23/2014 -- Brownstone Appellate Law Firm continues to grow throughout the United States. Their civil and criminal appeals attorneys are some of the best in the Nation. They represent individuals and businesses in state and federal appeals cases. People who feel their case judgments are unjust for many reasons reach out to Brownstone lawyers for their expertise in finding issues in the case that support filing and pursuing an appeal.

Their Chicago Appeal Lawyers handle all types of cases from intellectual property to international crime. Having a well-rounded appellate team of attorneys ensures their clients get the best representation in Chicago and the United States.

Brownstone Law has an in-depth attorney onboarding process that continues to develop the best appellate lawyers in Chicago. This has been very successful for them which have allowed them to grow beyond the city of Chicago. They are excited to announce that they now support the entire state of Illinois appellate cases.

People looking to have an unfair judgment changed, reduced, or overturn can now turn to Illinois Appeal Attorneys Brownstone PA for their civil and criminal cases. What this means is that their clients can rest assure when they take on a case; they put the highest qualified legal team together to represent them.

Some of the many civil case types they now support in Illinois include administrative, family, intellectual property, business litigation, home owners, insurance defense, immigration and probate. They also represent many federal cases including securities fraud, medical fraud, federal crime, Interpol, post-conviction, DUI, white collar crime, military appeals, global crime and Habeas Corpus.

Their appellate attorneys have received some of the highest ratings and awards from the most reputable law associations and agencies. They have received a 10 out of 10 score for appeals from AVVO. Martindale gave them a perfect score for their outstanding appellate work as well. They are members of the BBB and are well represented on Justia, Nolo, and Find Law.

The difference between Brownstone appeals attorneys and full service law firms is that they focus 100% on appellate cases. They keep up with the latest changes in law to ensure they are better prepared to win their clients cases.

Brownstones core philosophy is: Pride, Passion, and the Pursuit of Winning the Argument on Appeals. They are absolutely appellate with an appetite for solving complex cases. You can rest assure when their Illinois appeals lawyers take on your case, you have the best representation in the industry.

They provide free consultations to discuss the details of a case to determine if it is eligible for appeal. Their law firm offers flexible payment plans to help assist those that have been unfairly judged. They recommend contacting an appeal lawyer as soon a judgment has been determined to ensure there is adequate time to file the proper paper work and set the appeals process in motion.

About the Brownstone Appellate Law Firm
We believe that Brownstone has the best appellate advocates. We strive for perfection, we search for truth, we fight for the underdog just as hard as a prevailing party, and we protect the rule of law. The appeal team at Brownstone has handled thousands of appeals in criminal and civil cases.

Robert Sirianni, Jr., Founder & Managing Partner