Chicago Back Stage Pass Provides Access to the Hidden Gems of the Chitown Social Scene


Menlo Park, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/22/2013 -- Chicago, a world-class city which is often considered one of the best in America, has plenty to offer both residents and tourists alike. The abundance of restaurants, clubs, museums, and events are enough to keep even the most adventurous among us busy trying new things and discovering the city's secrets along the way. Yet while many people successfully delve into the social scene that the city has to offer, the majority don't even scratch the surface. The problem is that they just don't know where to look for information, other than through the usual sources which only promote the most obvious and pedestrian of events. Fortunately, through the power of social networking, Chicago Back Stage Pass is changing the way in which people in Chicago find and market events.

Chicago Back Stage Pass is a Facebook page through which people can discover information about new and exciting events such as parties, restaurant openings, and other social happenings around town. Best of all, both individuals and venues can post events to the page, helping to promote it to potentially thousands of Chicago area residents and visitors. Established businesses can even list deals and coupons, enticing people to visit and increasing foot traffic to the shops. So Back Stage Pass offers the best service to consumers who wish to discover the hottest, newest additions to the town's social scene, as well as venues and businesses that want to increase sales and brand awareness.

Most of all, however, Chicago Back Stage Pass is just fun to use. It is easily accessible through mobile devices, so the people of Chicagoland will always remain updated while on the go. You can easily plan a weekend in just a few minutes time, perusing the various offerings which are listed on the page. Using the power of Facebook, it is easy to coordinate such get-togethers with friends or family, ensuring that everyone knows the plans well in advance. For the individual who is looking to connect with other like-minded people, the Back Stage Pass through Facebook allows for you to easily gauge the popularity of events based on the number of comments about a particular listing. So you'll know which parties and venues to consider and which ones to avoid.

Consider Chicago Back Stage Pass a powerful tool which highlights the best and hardest-to-find events that Chitown has to offer. Never again will people be left out of the social loop, as they'll be able to simply pick and choose from the many different listings and narrow down the list to which ones that interest them the most. Instead of spending time alone on a weekend, everyone can go out, connect with real people, and have a great time as only a premier city such as Chicago can offer. For more information about events, parties, and more, visit the Chicago Back Stage Pass Facebook page today.

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