Chicago Locksmith Getting Attention for Their 24 Hour Service and Stellar Reputation in the Community


Chicago, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/18/2011 -- Omega locksmith, a 24 hour car locksmith service operating out of the heart of Chicago, has been getting a lot of attention from the community lately for their top notch service and stellar customer reviews.

Based at 4329 W. 26th St. Chicago, Illinois 60623, Omega locksmith specializes in car locksmith services. They have access to all the latest technologies of car entry and can accommodate all varieties of car keys including: laser cut keys, transponder keys, computer chip keys, VATS keys, motorcycle keys, and even high security cars.

On top of the wide variety of services that they offer, Omega Locksmith has separated themselves from other locksmiths in the Chicago area for their firm commitment to customer service. Jenna Graystoll, who has used Omega locksmith on two separate occasions when she was locked out of her car comments: “I was locked out of my car last month in a bad part of town and Omega locksmith was there within 10 minutes of my frantic call. The locksmith they sent was extremely kind and he had me back on the road in 5 minutes flat. Roadside assistance programs like Triple A can oftentimes take up to several hours, but with Omega locksmith it seems they are just a few minutes away every time I need them. I would suggest Omega to anyone who is in need of a kind and highly professional Chicago emergency locksmith.”

Omega locksmith also keeps up with the times with their vast online presence. Their recent induction into Google Places makes them widely recognizable within the community and consequently their business has been booming. Their “Google Places” page, which boasts over 105 stellar reviews and an average of five stars, was finally awarded to them by Google after two years of waiting. To say that Google has strict parameters for acceptance into their “Places” listings would be an understatement, but Omega Locksmith’s patience has paid off with a first place ranking for the keyword “Chicago locksmith.” For those in the know, ranking number one for a high caliber keyword like that is no small feat- and Omega did not arrive there by providing a shoddy service to their clients.

Offering their services to the public 24 hours a day 365 days a year Omega Locksmith has already established a reputation as being one of the most reliable and efficient car locksmith services in the Chicago area. To learn more about Omega locksmith’s services, or to contact them directly please visit: