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Chicago Mold Inspection Specialists of MI&T Inform Snowbirds About Shuttered Home Mold Growth


Chicago, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/22/2012 -- The Chicago mold inspection specialists of MI&T have just embarked on a campaign to help snowbirds understand the health dangers of mold growth while they are away from their northern homes in the winter. MI&T is a nationwide mold inspection & testing company that offers unbiased mold inspections for people who are concerned mold growth is negatively impacting their indoor environment.

While the routine of leaving their northern homes for a winter retreat brings the best of both worlds to Chicago area snowbirds, the potential mold growth in homes closed for months may bring a world of serious health problems when they return. In an effort to help educate homeowners about the problem, the mold inspection Chicago specialists of MI&T are embarking on a campaign to inform them of the warning signs and best course of action for dealing with potential mold growth.

“Dormant HVAC systems and water damage from a number of causes can precipitate elevated levels of humidity and moisture in a home unattended for long periods,” said MI&T GM Adam Pacha. “While these common problems set the stage for mold growth that can be easily dealt with, the long absence only exacerbates the problem.”

Musty smells, excess humidity, or strange growth throughout the home are clear signs that a homeowner should have a mold inspection performed. A mold inspection is a complete evaluation of a home where an inspector looks for mold related issues.

Experts in mold detection, like the trained and certified MI&T inspectors, will use a variety of tools to analyze the home such as a thermal imaging camera and a moisture meter to record the home’s humidity/CO2 readings. In the case of the mold test Chicago professionals of MI&T, they agree upon a testing plan with the homeowner, then during inspection will take both air and surface samples, which are then sent directly to an independent lab for careful testing.

Upon return of the tests, the inspector and client go over the results and surface samples to determine if there are elevated levels of mold that are negatively impacting the air and if so, what species are present and its source. If elevated levels of mold are detected, the inspector will develop a comprehensive protocol for removal that will guide the homeowner in finding and vetting the removal company.

According to the experts at MI&T, companies that do both inspections and removal often reel people in by offering cheap or free testing so they can do the expensive remediation work.

As mold testing Chicago professionals, MI&T encourages homeowners to work with highly reputable companies that only do inspections and testing to ensure a fair and unbiased result. “We take pride in our reputation as being the most ethical mold inspection company in Chicago, and part of bringing the facts to homeowners is informing them on the process and what to expect from professionals,” said Pacha. For more information, please visit http://chicago-mold-inspection.com

About MI&T
MI&T is a leading nationwide mold inspection & testing company, the largest test-only company around. They offer unbiased mold inspections for people who are concerned mold growth is negatively impacting their indoor environment. Their Chicago Mold Inspectors utilize the latest tools and technology to inspect and test each environment and are highly experienced with over a thousand inspections each under their belts.