Child Custody Lawyers: Are They Really Necessary

Many divorcing couples are able to reach mutually satisfactory agreements about spousal support and property division without the need for a lawyer. However, when the divorce is particularly acrimonious, attorneys may become the only people who can work out a feasible, reasonable divorce agreement. Often, a child custody lawyer is necessary to help the couple work out a plan that is in the best interests of the child because they just cannot agree on anything when the subject arises. The following will shed some light on what the purpose of a lawyer for child custody actually is and how to know when it’s time to hire one.


Delta, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/12/2012 -- The purpose of a child custody lawyer is to assist divorcing parents in reaching a solution regarding the best possible living situation for the child or children of a marriage. One of the most important factors to consider when contemplating hiring an attorney for child custody issue is how much his services will cost. If one is not financially comfortable or is strapped for cash, perhaps working out who should have custody of the kids can be done another way. Attorneys are expensive; be sure to have the wherewithal to afford one before hiring one. If a parent has little money to spend on a child custody attorney, he or she may qualify for low- or no-cost representation through Family Court. Eligibility for this is completely based upon one’s income, not one’s emotional needs.

A child custody lawyer works with parents and the courts to determine the healthiest, safest place for a child to live after a divorce is final. He or she can offer advice about how to handle interstate custody issues or other complex difficulties. Sometimes a child custody attorney has to offer a written opinion about which parent he or she feels will provide the most effective living arrangement for the child. This document is then given to the presiding judge in family court, who takes it under advisement before rendering his decision.

Some criteria to use to help determine which child custody lawyer to choose include looking into his or her reputation for winning custody cases. The local or state bar association can often provide this information, although it cannot recommend a particular attorney. Also, checking into fees additional to the lawyer’s hourly rate can help narrow down one’s choices. For those parents who qualify for low-cost or free representation, it is a smart move to research the appointed attorney’s winning record in child custody cases.

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