Child Custody Lawyers: Are They Really Necessary

When a marriage is dissolved, the issues of child support and custody usually come up. An unspoken truth is that women are favored by the Family Court system and generally are awarded custody of the children while men are required to pay monetary support. If a divorcing couple cannot reach an agreement regarding who should have custody of the children and who will pay support, it might be time for dads to look into child support attorneys for fathers. The following will offer some insight into when such an attorney becomes necessary and how to find a good one.


Delta, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/14/2012 -- A couple who has been married for ten years has decided to divorce. There is anger and acrimony between the parties, especially around issues of child custody and support. The mother wants the father to pay a lot of support monthly as he always seems to have money, and she wants custody of the kids. Of course, he wants just the opposite, and they cannot work out a reasonable agreement. It is at this point that child support and custody lawyers become a necessity. Both the father and mother want what’s best for their kids, but they each feel that the other person having custody is not best, so they fight. This gets them nowhere except to more anger, and nothing is resolved. The woman hires a child custody attorney to plead her case before the judge.

To help himself in court, the man is searching for good child support attorneys for fathers. He has no problem supporting his children if their mother is awarded custody, but he doesn’t want to give up half of his earnings to do it. A child support lawyer will be able to assist him in making sure whatever he is legally responsible to pay is affordable while still being sufficient to keep his children well taken care of. The attorney will ensure that all income is accounted for by knowing what the funds are which are being considered in the support payment. He can make sure, too, that net income is accurately calculated so the mother cannot claim money she isn’t entitled to. If the father has custody and the mother should be paying child support but is not doing so, the lawyer can try to talk with her or take her to court to enforce the order of support. The attorney can also help determine the correct amount of support a father must pay based on the amount of time the dad spends with the children and how many children there are.

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