Child Custody Terminology and What It Means


Delta, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/10/2014 -- Child Custody Terminology and What it Means

Recently, terms used to define child custody have changed. Many of the old terms have disappeared, replaced by less restrictive ones. Often, fathers have had to hire divorce attorneys for men to obtain equal access to their children. However, this practice has proven effective, as more fathers are being awarded exactly that. is here to clarify what the newer child custody terms are and what they mean to divorcing parents, including:

-“Custodial” and “Non-Custodial” Parents
-Time Sharing Custody
-Equal Time Parenting
-Parenting Plans

The Vanishing Parent

Many of the old terms for divorced parents are demeaning to men, indicating that they don’t know how to parent as well as mothers do. Due to this, words such as “custodial parent” and “non-custodial parent” have been eradicated, hence the vanishing parent. Largely because of the efforts of divorce and custody attorneys for men and their clients, both fathers and mothers are now referred to as “parent” and are seen as equal in family courts. This means that neither parent is favored as being the primary provider to the children and that both are equally capable of raising them.

Time Sharing the Children

Rather than allowing one parent to retain custody of the children, courts have now begun advocating for a “time sharing” plan of child rearing. This is largely because the divorce rights of men, especially as regard child custody, have increased over time. These days, men are able to spend as much time with their children as mothers do, which is a big change from even 50 years ago. suggests that men should obtain legal representation in order to ascertain their rights are being acknowledged in family courts.

Having Equal Time as Parents

Fathers should hire a divorce lawyer to receive legal advice for men when reaching an amicable custody arrangement is difficult. In time sharing, one parent may have the children living in their home for 4 or 5 days a week. With equal time agreements, both parents have them 3 ½ days each week. Each parent must have equal rights as far as the children’s health and well-being is concerned, and one of them cannot make legal decisions for the kids without the agreement of the other.

Court-Ordered Parenting Plans

When a divorcing couple cannot reach a custody arrangement, the court will provide a parenting plan that is in the best interests of the children. These are mapped out time blocks during which one parent is with the children. Fathers who cannot afford a top-notch attorney should look into free divorce lawyers for men to ensure that the parenting plan is fair to the entire family and will be the best possible solution for it.

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