Child Identity Theft Prevention - How to Protect Kids Identity

Over the past year, the incidence of identity theft of children has doubled. Unfortunately, children are being targeted for this crime at an incredible rate, almost 35% more than adults.


Pittsfield, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/22/2013 -- offers these thoughts about how to prevent this felony, including:

- Protect Social Security numbers
- Avoid Child Identity Theft by Parents
- Computer Safety
- Check the Child’s Credit

Never Share a Social Security Number

The most important step in child identity theft protection is keeping the child’s private information in a safe place. Be ever-vigilant about where a child’s SSN is and never carry it on one’s person. If it is absolutely necessary to do so, place the card in its own container, separate from a driver’s license or credit cards. The only time a parent may have to provide a child’s SSN is when the child begins school. Once the school has the number, return the SSN card to a safe place and leave it there.

Prevent Parental Child Identity Theft

The people who most often commit the crime of identity theft of children are the kids’ parents. Parents may not even be aware that they’re stealing their child’s identity when they use his SSN to open new utilities accounts because they can’t pay the bills that were in their name. Too, some parents feel that a child’s SSN belongs to them until the child reaches age 18 and becomes responsible for himself and able to use credit. They feel that using it is fine, which is untrue.

Keep a Personal Computer Safe

Another important step in child identity theft protection is to never, ever share a child’s personal information on a social networking site. It’s okay to indicate that the child exists, but do not give his name, birth date, or SSN, as cyber-thieves may be able to “catch” it and use it to their advantages. Be sure that anti-virus and spywear have been successfully installed to make it harder for a thief to access private data.

Monitor the Child’s Credit Standing

Every American is entitled to a free copy of his credit reports from the major reporting bureaus each year. To aid in preventing identity theft of children, get the child’s reports from the bureaus every few years and go over them carefully. Look for any sort of activity on them, as an underage child cannot use credit to purchases. If there is activity, dispute it in writing so it can be removed from his reports.

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