Child Identity Theft Protection - How to Prevent Theft of a Child's Identity

Every day throughout American, an innocent child’s identity is stolen. Most parents don’t know about child identity theft protection. Then, one day, bills start appearing in the child’s name at the family home. The following information will provide some insight to the increasing issue of child identity theft and some ideas about how to prevent it.


Delta, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/06/2012 -- Identity theft of children occurs far more often than it appears to. Children are targeted for this crime 35 times more than their adult counterparts. The worst part about this fact is that often, no one knows about the theft until much later in a child’s life. The damage done by identity thieves is enormous. As a child gets closer to the age at which he should just be starting to develop credit standing; it often comes to pass that his identity has already been in use for many years and he has a poor credit score as a result. This causes untold problems for a young person just starting out in his adult life. He cannot obtain loans to get a higher education. He cannot get credit cards in his name. He cannot be approved for his first home loan. All of these rites of passage will be taken from the child by an identity thief long before that child or his parents realize it. Protect Your Children Against Identity theft , Send Request for More info

At this point, a question should arise about how to protect your child from identity theft. There are many steps to take in this endeavor. The most important one is to never give a child’s Social Security number to anyone, not even one’s family members or close friends. Believe it or not, these are the people most likely to steal a child’s ID. Often, they don’t do it maliciously; they need to have lights, but they’re not in good standing with the electric company, so they use a child’s SS number to open a new account. Then they fall behind on the payments for those accounts, and so begin the downward spiral of identity theft consequences.

There are companies out there that offer identity theft protection for children. Most advertise online as well as in print. Do some thorough research before choosing one. Make sure that it is reputable by looking over customer comments – both good and bad. Speak with other people about which ID theft protection business they chose to work with and ask them why they did so. Often this is the best method of finding a good one.

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