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Holiday Season Drives International Charitable Giving

Stella’s Voice Provides Moldova Orphans with Christmas Gifts and Holiday Meals


Montgomery, AL -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/04/2012 -- Stella’s Voice, a leader in international advocacy for children, is working to ensure that this holiday season is a special time for the vast number of orphans in Moldova. The organization is working to send special Christmas boxes to all 12,500 orphans in Moldova, as a way to help these children obtain food, clothing and gifts of their own. Each box costs $25; donors can download Christmas cards on the agency’s website, transcribed in Romanian, to send along with their boxes. Stella’s Voice has been supporting orphans in this region since the fall of communism 20 years ago, to protect them from human trafficking and slavery. Click on the link for more information on child slavery.

Philip Cameron, founder of Stella’s Voice, is committed to delivering a Christmas box to every single orphan. “So far, we have been unable to bring Christmas to all 12,500 orphans, but there is still time to donate and support this wonderful cause. Moldova is often neglected, in terms of international aid, but we are working to ensure that everyone finds joy during the holidays.”

For 20 years, Stella’s Voice has changed the lives of thousands of orphans, providing gifts, clothing, food, supplies, heating oil, clean water and more, to improve the lives of innocent children. Click on the link for more information on modern slavery.

About Stella’s Voice
Founded by Philip Cameron and his Montgomery-based ministry, Stella’s Voice is an organization committed to providing aid and advocacy for orphans and human trafficking victims throughout Moldova, Eastern Europe and around the world. The beginning of Stella’s Voice dates back to the fall of communism, when the media was first allowed into Eastern Europe and began showing the dire conditions of the state-run orphan homes. Upon discovery of the harm children were facing, Cameron began work to improve their lives and help them stay safe. Stella’s Voice visits and ministers to orphanages, and also owns the nation’s first Christian orphanage: Providence House. For more information, visit