Child Tracking with the MamaBear Parenting App on the App Store, Installs Easily and Provides Peace of Mind

Information on using the MamaBear child tracking app for immediate peace of mind.


Tampa, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/20/2012 -- The MamaBear worry free parenting app is an easily accessible resource to assist parents in child tracking. The MamaBear app downloads quickly onto any web connected Apple device running iOS 4.0 or better. After a parent downloads and registers family members, the app immediately sends a text to the child prompting the download of the child’s version. The MamaBear app is easily installed onto the advanced GPS enabled phone of the child. Once installed the MamaBear app provides immediate, real time tracking of the child’s location. The MamaBear app uses an effective, easy to understand interface to accept which alerts the parent wish to receive and under what circumstances. Alerts can be received by push notification or via email.

The parent side of the app uses a straightforward push button interface. The MamaBear interface allows for easy management of alerts. Parents can receive alerts for social media, location monitoring as well as and driving speed for each child. The app downloads for free onto both devices in minutes through the App Store and is immediately ready for alerts and map and satellite assisted GPS monitoring. Children are offered three basic buttons that enable them to check in with the parent, call for an immediate pickup or signal the parent in case of an emergency. The MamaBear tools interface allows parents to add additional children and guardians with ease. Downloading and installing MamaBear from the App Store onto two phones takes approximately five minutes, assuming a standard download time. It can be used immediately as a child monitoring option for any parent.

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About MamaBear
Who knew a conversation with a stranger while on vacation would inspire a new way of thinking about parenting and safety of children everywhere. A lightbulb went off when this stranger described her full-time job as trying to keep track of her teenagers to an empathetic, problem solving technologist with five kids of his own. The problem and solution was vetted, drawn, tore-up, re-drawn and developed by a group of parents, digital visionaries and experienced technology entrepreneurs with a passion for fostering family unity.

Our vision is a world of worry-free parenting. Our mission is to create tools that provide parents a peace of mind while giving children needed freedom. Our core values are safety, family, trust, empathy and privacy.