Dr. Charlotte Reznick Teaches Listeners How to Teach Children to Use Their Imagination to Overcome Childhood Worries on "Imagine That!" Show

Imagine That! With Dr. Miriam Franco, Psy.D., explores the power of imagination to relax, cope, learn and heal and is broadcast every Tuesday at noon PT and 3 pm EST on The VoiceAmerica Wellness Channel


Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/16/2019 -- Imgine That! Host, Dr. Miriam Franco, talks with Dr. Reznick, an internationally recognized child psychologist about her LA Times best seller: " The power of Your Child's Imagination" airing on September 17th at 12 noon PT and 3 pm EST on Voice America's Wellness Channel.

This special episode of Imagine That! focuses on the imaginative use of relaxation and sensory images to help children empower themselves to reduce stress, worries and everyday challenges of childhood. Dr. Reznick's Nine Imagination Tools that Parents can teach their kids to help them navigate the challenges of growing up, such as fear of doctors, the pain of loss, low self-esteem, anger and frustration, sleep troubles and many other common stumbling blocks of childhood, are identified and discussed with Dr. Franco, also a guided imagery specialist who treats adults and those with chronic illness.

Reznick's Imagery for Kids program evolved from her many years of teaching visualization and guided imagery skills to patients in her practice. Luckily, says Dr. Reznick, children are particularly open to and good at harnessing their imagination as a way to cope with common problems. Demand for her program convinced her that a wider audience was searching for help to enable kids to learn positive coping skills to set the stage for a lifetime of self-sufficiency and self-growth.

Reznick and Franco discuss Reznick's mini-primer for each imagination tool with real-life examples of how it is used. Every parent, teacher, child health practitioner, school nurse or adult involved with children can benefit from these tips and techniques. Reznick's message of helping adults help children discover life- long skills and to use the gift of their natural childhood curiosity and imagination to incorporate these tools into their daily lives is inspiring especially in these anxiety laden times. Dr. Franco talks with Dr. Reznick about this process and how easily parents and others can apply them.

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About Dr. Charlotte Reznick
Charlotte Reznick, PhD, is an internationally recognized child educational psychologists, an associate clinical professor of psychology at UCLA and a compelling speaker and media personality who has inspired parents, professionals, educators and psychologists throughout the world with her original therapeutic approach to helping children and adolescents heal themselves. She is the author of The Power of Your Child's Imagination: How to Transform Stress and Anxiety into Joy and Success. Dr. Reznick has been a guest on NPR, NBC News and Lifetime and has been quoted and featured in a wide variety of print and online publications including USA Today, The Charlotte Observer, Nick Jr., MSNS.com, DrKoop.com, i Village and Forbest.com.