Children Below Us: New Book to Make People Aware and Fight Child Trafficking by Identifying Possible Victims

Penned by Blair London, “Children Below Us: Child Trafficking” is a bold attempt by the author to raise awareness among people about child trafficking. It will give readers an insight about where the victim might be-in a vacant building, house next door, or in the basement!


Roseville, MN -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/16/2014 -- Renowned indie author, Blair London is pleased to announce the launch of her brand new book “Children Below Us: Child Trafficking” that will help readers realize how grave the child trafficking problem is, and become more aware of the possibilities, where the kids are held captive by the perpetrators.

Today, child trafficking has become a global menace that ruins thousands of innocent lives each year. Besides, out of millions of kids who are sold into this underground trade, only one or two percent are rescued by the authorities, which is quite distressing. Nobody knows what really happens to the missing kids! Are they still alive somewhere? In fact, there have been instances when the authorities have cracked down a major child trafficking ring in a friendly neighborhood or in places where one can’t even imagine of such things to take place. However, the new book “Children Below Us: Child Trafficking” is an attempt by author Blair London to put much needed spotlight on this underground trade and educate people about where the possible victims are usually held captive by the perpetrators and how to identify such victims.

A Few Teasers:

-It’s just not every day you find a girl as pretty as you are in the library looking up child trafficking.

-Claire instantly felt sick to her stomach. “Child prostitution rings?

-It’s all so real, and it’s all happening, here of all places!

-“There… there is a man in my house who has been holding some kids captive.

-Those kidnappings! The child trafficking circles! He did it all!”

-He had this full gang of guys that helped him kidnap the kids and transport them from one place to another.

-They had taken care of Sam’s companion, the one they found in the neighboring house.

-She was shocked to see people protesting outside her house against child trafficking and shouting “Put the criminal behind the bars…Put the criminal behind bars…

“Children Below Us: Child Trafficking” is currently available on “Amazon” and “Barnes and Noble”.


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About Blair London
Hailing from Minnesota, Blair London is a gifted author who admires the works of Amanda Hocking, EL James, Justice Gray and Stephen King. Children Below Us is the third book from Blair and she has penned down couple of other books too, namely “Jobs for Angels: Veterans’ Nightmare Realities” and “Lure to Death: The Social Media Serial Killer’.

Blair London