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Children Book Author & Illustrator, Drew Bialko's First Poetry Book to Be Launched by Sakura Publishing


Chicago, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/06/2013 -- Chicago, Illinois based renowned children's book author and professional illustrator, Drew Bialko, has announced that his maiden Poetry Book, titled "SELFISH", will be launched by Sakura Publishing on September 27, 2013. The various poems in this unique poetry book by author Drew Bialko, are laced with a heavy dose of juvenile humor with a dash of adult themes added deftly into the mix making them all the more contemporary and appealing to the modern generation. Each poem reads like a funny tale, sometimes cautionary, sometimes just plain silly, and is accompanied by gorgeous computer generated images that are as creative as the poems themselves.

To be released under the banner of Sakura Publishing, the paperback version of the book "SELFISH" will have 44 full color pages and will be available for $11.99. The book can be pre-ordered from Sakura Publishing's websites today from the following URL: The copies will be shipped out on priority to the pre-orders customers in the week of September 27th, 2013. The E-book version of the much awaited book from Drew Bialko will also be launched after the paperback version.

"Only when viewed from the eyes of innocent children does one see the true splendor of life and the exciting experience that it is. Viewed from the perspective of us grownups, all that is visible are the numerous struggles and hardships," says Drew Bialko, the author of the book. " We somehow lose the plot and start seeing it all in black and white as we grow up and somewhere along the way, forget to appreciate the real colors in life. My poems bring this fact to the limelight and are aimed at creating a longing in each one of my readers to try and live their lives like children would!"

Drew Bialok's debut book of poems, "SELFISH," is being touted as one of the most interesting compilation of contemporary poems to be released by a first-time author in the recent months. The ability of Drew Bialko's poems to touch the heart of the readers is something one rarely gets to see in the literary world these days. His unconventional writing style, choice of topics and the way he treats the subject are totally unique and that's what makes him all the more endearing as a contemporary poet.

"Being a creative person who has appreciation for good music and great affinity for unadulterated fun in life, expressing my feelings through writing poetry comes naturally to me. I don't allow the regular chaos in life to deter me from my resolve to have fun, no matter what. And this is exactly what my poems are all about," speaking on the inspiration for his poetry, the author says. "The world would be a lot better place if we could unlearn quite a few things and hang on to the innocence that a child has. The world is so much more exciting a place, and more happier and colorful, from a child's carefree point of view and this is the essence that I have tried to capture in my poems."

Drew Balko's "SELFISH" is slated to be launched by Sakura Publishing on September 27, 2013 at an exclusive Book Release party being planned to be held at the legendary BOOK CELLAR in Chicago, Illinois, the timings of which is 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm. Located at 4736 North Lincoln Avenue, Chicago, Illinois, the BOOK CELLAR, is situated in the heart of the culturally diverse neighborhood once known as the city's Germantown. It is perhaps, Chicago's most popular haunt for book lovers as it offers a heady combination of books, wine, cozy couches and delicious café fare! It also is receptive to book clubs, discussion groups, book readings and book launch events, which makes it all the more endearing to those who love to meet and interact with their favorite authors.

Each of Drew Bialko's poem has its own theme, but together they convey a fusion of fun, hope, optimism, reality, and a heavy dose of creativity and imagination. Author Drew Bialko hopes to inspire the hearts of those who read his work to leave their worries behind and learn to view the world around them just like a child would. Drew Bialko loves to write poetry and plans to continue it while also working hard as a children book author and professional illustrator.

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About Author Drew Bialko
Born and raised in Western Pennsylvania, Drew Bialko is a renowned children's book author and professional illustrator who deftly creates whimsical worlds and characters sure to reach the heart of kids and set their imagination on fire. Decades of acting like a child and raising a son of his own has instilled in Drew just the right amount of immaturity to connect with children on a level rarely ever achieved by an adult. Drew's collection of poems and illustrations that will soon be launched by Sakura Publishing will have parents and their children laughing with every turn of the page. Whether it's reading about the magical Unicow or traveling into outer space with the Doodler, his debut book is sure to have parents and kids eager to see where his imaginarium will take them next. Drew studied Art at West Virginia University and continues to further his education at The Art Institute of Chicago. He currently lives in Chicago with his beautiful wife Beth and wonderful son.

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