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Children's Author and Minecraft Lover, Christopher Craft Introduced His New Unofficial Minecraft Book: Diary of an Enderman's Apprentice Vol.1


Alta Loma, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/07/2015 -- Christopher Craft is an imaginative author, who weaves his love of gaming and storytelling into endearing stories for children. The author has recently announced the release of his newest children's Unofficial Minecraft Fan-Fiction book called Diary of An Enderman's Apprentice Vol.1. The new book has been created with 6 – 18 year old readers in mind, who share the author's love for the Minecraft game world. The book features colorful illustrations and a story that has a hidden message which propagates the importance of courage and overcoming personal fears.

The story of the new book revolves around a young Enderman named Ronan, who is currently fulfilling apprenticeship duties at the Enderslayer Corps. He dreams of earning the coveted white cape of a master defender. Enderslayer Corps is a group of Enderman, who have changed their ways to fight for humanity and maintain peace and harmony among the 2 groups. However, to earn the white cape Ronan must overcome his personal obstacles and rely on his inner strengths and courage to achieve his dreams. Set in the world of Minecraft, young Ronan's adventure shows readers that whether Enderman are indeed all born evil or are they just like normal people, capable of both good and bad, with both strengths and weaknesses?

"One day Ronan and his master, Targle, respond to a distress beacon from a village to the east. Mobs have taken over completely and the Endslayers who guard the city have seemingly vanished. What happens next could change the Minecraft world forever."

The imaginative, action and adventure filled journey of the lead character have been written to provide Minecraft fan fiction loving kids aged 7+ a thrilling experience.

Chastity, a reviewer chose the unofficial Minecraft fan fiction book for her granddaughter, she wrote in her review: "I bought this book for my granddaughter. She is 7 and she loved it. As a retired schoolteacher I know firsthand how difficult it is to engage some children in a book. Children are now geared towards computers and online activities. I think the author has a brilliant idea in taking an online game and bringing it to life in a story. This is a great way to entice young readers to read and enjoy reading. I think teachers will appreciate having a book like this one available and it would make a great addition to a classroom library."

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About Christopher Craft
Christopher Craft loves gaming! He has played a ton of them. He loves letting his imagination run wild when he is building in Minecraft or defending against attacks in Clash of Clans. Also when gaming he holds nothing back, just like in his adventures! Readers can come along and immerse themselves in these epic adventures that will take them into realms only limited by the reader's imagination. All these amazing stories came about from things he would dream about and decided to share with the world. From Minecraft to Clash - From Angry Birds to League - there are no limits.

Christopher Craft
Alta Loma, California