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Children's Author, William Ziegler Debuts Latest Book Titled 'JB Gets Ready for School' for Amazon Kindle

Father of three premieres an inspirational new picture-book for children and parents – sharing the story of JB as he prepares for his first day of Kindergarten.


Erie, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/02/2014 -- Launched on March 08, 2014 ‘JB Gets Ready for School’ is the newly released children’s book from American author William Ziegler. This 36-page book is published by CreateSpace and is now available for instant download for $2.99 on Amazon Kindle or paperback for $8.99 on Amazon.

This vibrant picture book tells the story of JB’s morning routine on his very first day of Kindergarten. The book poses puzzling questions for younger readers asking “Will he be ready to meet his friends on time? Does JB have good habits to get ready in time for school? What will JB do?”

The book was created not just for children, but parents as well—as the book provides some positive support for those who may be dealing with stress, a lack of confidence and overall concern when it comes to their child's’ first school experiences. Children will learn through JB the importance of everyday tasks such as having their clothes laid out and ready the night before, brushing their teeth, having a good breakfast and even having backpacks or lunches ready. This purchase of the Kindle Version also includes a printable Morning Chart, Bookmarks and more to help parents keep their kids on track while having fun.

About William Ziegler
An experienced author, William Ziegler is a father of three kids of his own. It is with them that he lives in Erie, Pennsylvania. After being motivated, influenced, and inspired by his children, he decided to write the book ‘JB Gets Ready for School’. This is his first foray into this particular genre. His goal in writing this book was to create something that could teach children and parents alike about the importance and enjoyment that comes from going to school prepared!

For media inquiries regarding the newly-released book or its author, individuals are encouraged to contact Author, William Ziegler directly at 1-814-218-5739 or via email at liquidshadow1974@yahoo.com. To learn more about his children’s book ‘JB Gets Ready for School’ or to purchase the book directly, visit: http://www.amazon.com/dp/1497482011

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