Children's Entertainment Network (CEN) Seeks Crowd Funding via Indiegogo for Fourth Quarter 2013 Production Costs

Educational and entertaining web series gives youth and adults an inside look at news, current events, and trends in film, music, games, sports, television, and fashion.


Hollywood, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/30/2013 -- Children’s Entertainment Network (CEN) has launched a crowd funding campaign via Indiegogo to raise funds for the fourth quarter of its 2013 production schedule. The campaign aims to raise $25,000 by October 23, 2013 11:59pm PT.

The web series, which is produced and directed by Mark Rowley, aims to educate and entertain children, young adult, and adult audiences alike through its unique way of presenting up-to-date news, current events and culture. Reporters, age eight to 18, interview celebrity guests at various venues such as sports events, Hollywood premiers and television shows. They give an insider’s perspective on music, fashion, film, television, and the latest trends in video games and technology.

Since launching in Jan. 2013 the network continues to gain popularity. Already producing 50 segments, they are seeking investment to add a writer, production editor, and cast members to the crew, and expand its studio space.

“Although we’ve had several opportunities to join other networks, we want to continue to be on our own. We are steadily gaining a following and feel that as our audience numbers grow, we know we have a credible product that will be hugely successful for years to come,” says David Campbell, business manager of CEN.

Investors will have until Oct. 23 to select a “perk” contribution on the project page on Indiegogo. Of course, the higher the donation, the bigger the perks. Depending on the chosen contribution, investors can receive, on the low end, free CEN merchandise or an on camera “shout out” at one of the CEN events.

Upper range perks provide entertainment experiences like spending the afternoon with the crew while shooting the L.A. FITEXPO and meeting the event celebrities with dinner afterward with the CEN’s cast and crew.

High-end perks include an invitation to a meet and greet and tickets to the AMA Music Awards, or an invitation to a meet and greet and tickets to Justin Timberlake’s concert at the Staple Center. The ultimate package is a one to two-night stay in Dallas, TX with an invitation to see the Dallas Cowboys with the CEN cast and crew.

Investors can guarantee that their money will be used well as this web series is already a success.

About Children’s Entertainment Network
CEN launched its web series mid-January 2013 and is fast becoming a show to watch. Directed and produced by Mark Rowley, the show gives an inside look at current news, events, culture, and trends. It airs on