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Children's Nurses Purchasing Froggy Tots Digital Baby Thermometers Say Reports

Warrant Guard announced the continued availability of their baby thermometer "Froggy Tots Baby Thermometer" which is available only at Amazon. More information can be found at


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/17/2016 -- Children's nurses have been found to be purchasing Warrant Guard's 'Froggy Tots Baby Thermometer' as a first choice according to sales reports just coming in to Warrant Guard's sales team.

When the statistics first came to light, their marketing team went to find out why the nurses were so keen to buy the thermometer and what made all the difference to them. The reasons that the nurses put forward were all based on the same theme and that is the safety of the child.

This is not surprising given the training that the nurses are given and their dedication to their charges. One who requested anonymity for professional reasons said "We train for years to be professional child carers. When we need to make a decision on what we will use for the health of the children under our care, we are very particular."

Pressed further, she went on to say "The things we like about this product is that it has been well constructed with the health and safety of the end user in mind. It is the perfect thermometer to use due to its soft flexible tip eliminating harm to the patient. Another point that has to be mentioned is its ease of cleaning. Being waterproof, it is so easy and quick to clean, keeping it germ free and sterile for use".

Another reason that was brought up in the statistics was that the nurses trusted the certification held by the Froggy Tots thermometer. It is both FDA and CE approved, and as these approvals are not given lightly the assurance is there that the thermometer is a quality piece of equipment.

When questioned about these statistics, the Warrant Guard Spokesperson Lynda Carter said "we are delighted that professional children's nurses see the incredible value that our product has to offer. This is not limited to the actual purchase price but the investment we at Warrant Guard have made to ensure that the product we sell is very safe for use and will be a trusted aid to any child's well-being."

Looking at the sales volumes and country wide distribution of those sales, there is a pattern emerging of the happy customers spreading the news.

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