Joe Bragg Reveals Wine Cooler Reviews for World's Best and Worst Wine Coolers


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/04/2013 -- Wine enthusiasts and novice wine drinkers alike need a proper way to store their wine. For that reason, many wine drinkers choose to invest in a wine cooler. Wine coolers, or wine refrigerators, provide an effective way to chill different types of wine.

Wine enthusiast website aims to connect wine drinkers with the perfect wine cooler for their needs. The website features wine cooler reviews of some of the most popular products available today. All products featured on can be instantly ordered online through websites like

One of the first things visitors are meant to read on the site is the “Wine Cooler Buyers Guide”, which explains the methodology behind purchasing different types of wine coolers. That methodology includes considering wine cooler size, price, quality, and any special additional features. Some wine coolers have special lighting, for example, but the wrong lighting can change the taste profile of a wine if it creates too much heat.

The entire website was created by a wine aficionado named Mortimer, who explains that he’s been a wine drinker since a friend introduced him to the joys of quality Bordeaux wines:

“I’ve been a wine drinker for many years. I’ve spent a lot of time collecting new varieties of wine, and now, I’ve become known as the wine expert in my circle of friends. A lot of my friends were asking me about ways to store their bottles. Over the years, I’ve tried quite a few different types of wine coolers and I decided to share my experiences with my friends - and the world - through Chill It Classy.”

After learning about the basic methodologies behind purchasing wine coolers, visitors to can find reviews for specific types of wine coolers. One review page is entitled “Warning: The 3 Worst Wine Coolers On The Planet” (, where Mortimer exposes a number of low-quality wine coolers available today.

One wine cooler was reviewed poorly due to its inefficient cooling boards, it failed within just months of purchase. Another wine cooler sells at a price of $400 despite only being able to hold two bottles of wine. To make matters worse, that wine cooler broke down within months.

Whether searching for reviews for hilariously bad wine coolers or interested in connecting with the perfect wine cooler to store any type of wine, wants to teach visitors everything important to know about wine coolers and wine refrigerators.

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